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Alan Sondak
I want to thank you, you turned me into a power shooter. Went to Freemont Street Experience to see the new overhead display, it is awesome. After that went to the Freemont casino for the buffet, awesome. Since you revitalized my interest in Craps, and I had a full stomach, took a hundred bucks, had a monster roll, 47 rolls, used the 6/2 - 2/1 set stacked, got my small, tall and all with 50 bucks, walked away with over 18K. You are far from an articulate speaker, and do not see order in the order of the numbers, so you do not have the advantage of prompting the next large bet, instead of loading the table with money,

I like your channel, you do your video'with heart, and you want to share your knowledge to help others. GOD BLESS YOU!

Comment from : Alan Sondak

jacob ROLDAN
could you show your throw in the camera by pulling so I can see your follow thru
Comment from : jacob ROLDAN

I never comment on videos but u the real deal. I been makin money at the casinos everytime since I started watchin ya vids ‼️
Comment from : thakid

Charles Hill
That throw would be good in the field
Comment from : Charles Hill

La Tanya Burroughs
Hey BT, thanks!
R/ Tee

Comment from : La Tanya Burroughs

David Paul
The guy you said that tables are bouncy, he probably play at a $3 tables in cal neva casino in reno nevada
Comment from : David Paul

Ali Gündüz
Two days ago I went to North Cyprus with 2 friends. One of my friends use 3 V set and I use 6/2 - 2/1 set. The first day we get around 7.000 $ profit. On the second day I hit ATS with this set. I made a huge throw around 1 hour with too many winner winner. In the end of the second day we get 24.000 $ profit. I was watching you for 6 months and just get time to try them. It seems that Dice setting and Dice controll is real. Thank you very much for your videos.
Comment from : Ali Gündüz

Black Light
You lost the 4+10 hardways when easy ways rolled a few times, if you had replaced them 25each time, you would have lost money overall when the 7 cleared the board . These are great videos on the dice set and throw. Your short game w/ 66 inside is really smart if you have a decent throw.
Comment from : Black Light

John Hong
Craps is my passion and as my hobby... I try to perfect the gwr
Comment from : John Hong

John Hong
By.. I would like to visit your area. Or see you in Vegas... Expenses covered
Comment from : John Hong

John Hong
You the man!!!! I hit am tall all twice at Palms casino
Comment from : John Hong

Kate D
Do have a table position preference ? I’ve had 40 minute rolls from the very end and left of the stick, for years the end of the table was my preference. I’m only 5’2....each trip to the casino I’m working on my dice position in my hand and now uncertain what position works best
Comment from : Kate D

Shotty El capo - Topic
I used this set yesterday at Ameristar in Kansas City MO an hit an all an a 5 point fire bet I dam near lost my mind I just wanted to say thank you for the advice if you don't believe bone thrower y'all crazy he talking the right lingo I'm going back tonight after ten an try it at Argosy
Comment from : Shotty El capo - Topic

The Bone.. Thrower 🎲 🎲
Ive been practicing on this set. I recent rolled a session 34 rolls. I can see making a killing on the hops.. 6/8 5/9.. thx!
Also what have u seen on mAx bets for the hops? Nobody seems to have this answer! If im on a $1000 - $5000 max table does that include Hops?

Comment from : kimogomez

Jerry Callaway
So went to Black Hawk last Tuesday to help my Granddaughter celebrate her 21st BDay. Couldn't get her to plat but I tried used the 62-21 set. I had used it the Friday before and did pretty good taking $432 home--should have been more but did not quit while farther ahead. This time I used this set but only used it for three to four rolls then switched to 3V set alternating back and forth. Worked pretty well and did through a TALL. Table was hot and a guy with a 51-51 hit a small. Then the next shooter hit an ALL--she was just grabbing and firing hitting the wall on the fly, chips and everything. Next thing I need to learn is when to take bets down especially when a TALL is hit cuz you know a 7 is due. I'm a Marine that spent his 21st birthday in Nam 50 years ago this coming Wednesday, so I know when somebody is trying to blow smoke up your azz. You have put a whole new spin on this for me. Took home $830 this last trip.
Comment from : Jerry Callaway

Bill Perreault
Starting to have some good luck with the 6221 combination still throwing a few sevens thanks definitely improve my throwing
Comment from : Bill Perreault

Jeffrey Hebda
Practicing this. Man, I can kill it. I hope I can do this in casino
Comment from : Jeffrey Hebda

Jeffrey Hebda
This is an excellent video ! Thank you B T !
Comment from : Jeffrey Hebda

Roman Hernandez
Hey bone thrower. Are you rotating those dice? Or just straight up and down ? Also what is a tall bet?
Comment from : Roman Hernandez

Bob McAlister
how did you lose on rolling a 7 on the come out roll? at 17:45
Comment from : Bob McAlister

Joe Kendall
Hey Marc, trying this set in my practice rig and it's a killer thanks it time for me to take it to my local casino instead of the other way around
Comment from : Joe Kendall

Robert Rose
Hit a couple 15 + throws third or fourth time out. Look out. Thanks
Comment from : Robert Rose

David Almeida
you ever in Massachusetts please let me know I really enjoy all your videos and tips I would really love to hook up with you and enjoy some time playing dice thank you Dave
Comment from : David Almeida

Rita Sics
Great throw BT, you are the best I have seen in the videos. One thing you have to consider on this throw, you have to play early in the morning or late at night when it is not busy so you won't have chips with odds on the table for obstruction.
Comment from : Rita Sics

Victor Irving
Used a 6,2 4,2 set from SR@ and done pretty good. Realyl like watching your videos
Comment from : Victor Irving

R Paterson
I don’t have a table yet so I just tried the 6/2 2/1 drop at the casino for the first time. Rolled 32x before the 7. I think I’m hooked on this one. Thanks for showing us BT!
Comment from : R Paterson

John Hong
A funny thing that's small tall all I need a snake eyes and one of your video says Fix 4 or sorry 6241 set that produces lot of horns so in the middle of my Royal trying to roll a Snake-Eyes I tried 6241 and guess what dam I hit the Snake Eyes you are the Lewis and Clark baby
Comment from : John Hong

John Hong
I tried this 6221 set last time I wasn't successful on this trip I roll 2416 and 14 rolls couple up three and four rolls but need more practice
Comment from : John Hong

Jonathon Stodola
Used the 2/4 4/2 dice set and hit all numbers. Last weekend. I didnt bet it but 3 people hit 400+. I had 30+ rolls. Cashed out + 575
Comment from : Jonathon Stodola

Daniel Sargent
steady learning to change my lifestyle. thanks
Comment from : Daniel Sargent

Lewis Dixon
Does the table minimum refer to the pass/don't pass line only?
Comment from : Lewis Dixon

John Hong
I didn't have much luck with this toss in fact way below normal 6 rolls
Comment from : John Hong

John Terihay
How many dice sets do you actually need to use when you go to Las Vegas, or what are the best ones to use, remember I just started playing craps but I know I could throw them between the pass line and back triangled wall. I did see one video where you were just throwing them down the table willie nellie not sure why that is a good way to roll, I like these better.
Comment from : John Terihay

John Terihay
This is my first time watching the Bone Thrower, and I am very impressed, one thing I like about this gentleman is he is not greedy. I just wish he lived in southern california. Thank You again for posting very informative videos.
Comment from : John Terihay

Art Center Gallery
Bone thrower your videos are awesome !!
Comment from : Art Center Gallery

Leonard Shaughnessy
Thanks Marc for all you do!
Comment from : Leonard Shaughnessy

Scott Funaro
Can you please teach me ? I will come to you ?
Comment from : Scott Funaro

Mike G
Happy New year 2019 BONE THROWER, THANKS for sharing all your knowledge, and your enthusiasm is contagious, Whether it's 50 bucks or 500 you're good with THAT.. Thanks AGAIN
Comment from : Mike G

Michael Shea
Used your dice sets yesterday and had two alls and one tall during my session. Keep your advice going its great and I will keep working on your suggestions.
Comment from : Michael Shea

Donald McQuary
You lost those hard ways earlier when you thru east 10 and 4
Comment from : Donald McQuary

Jerry Muskal
u lost ur nard ten
Comment from : Jerry Muskal

Project One
great videos BT. My local Indian Casino is using dice that are 19.68 mm. Definitely bigger than the Mandalay Bay dice I bought from Amazon. Anyone know where I can get dice this size? "They drill a hole in their used ones." Thanks.
Comment from : Project One

Jemz Veit
Where do you recommend practicing/ building your own table or buy one/ which one?
Comment from : Jemz Veit

jp preza
Hope I can do a third of what you've done with this set and I'll be satisfied. Nice lessons I apprecate that. The only question I had is why don't you make your full bet all at once instead of wasting so many rolls of the Dice?
Comment from : jp preza

Nicholas Baldassarre
I been using either the 6/5 4/5 set or the 6/2 2/1 set and both have been working very well for me.  my problem is that I need to go either real early (8:00am) or real late(after 1:00am) so there is not too many people at the tables. I also like switching the sets when I'm throwing, so far so good.
Comment from : Nicholas Baldassarre

Steve Konefal
Did ok with a hard way set last night...even got a small and one number short of all...keep.up good work...
Comment from : Steve Konefal

Swamp Rat
BT, I have the utmost respect for you, your knowledge of the game and your excellent teachings in craps, however; this is why I don't think that working your bets on the comeouts, is good and solid gambling. Simply put, your risking 6 times the money to make 1 times winning. let's say you've got $160.00 across, you're risking 160 to make 35.00 on the 5,6,8 and 9 and 50.00 on the 10 and 4 if they hit. Yeah, I know you've said what's the difference because you could go out on the next roll, well yes, that's true, but why risk all your bets on the comeout roll which is normally the roll that a seven is often thrown. I consider myself a AAA shooter (thanks to you and DA) and I have a high SOR (18-22 rolls and higher) and I often hit the all, tall and small but I refuse to work the comeout because mathematically, it's just not a good bet. I do work my hard ways on the comeouts because they hit a lot (usually the hard 6 and 8 but working all my bets to me just isn't good gambling, but much respect to you and working your comeouts because you are "The Bone Thrower".
Comment from : Swamp Rat

Just wanted to say I used this dice set for the first time this weekend and it was killer. Rolled three times in a 4 hour window, 25 first roll 14 second roll and 28 last roll and I hit a 4 fire bet on the last roll, was stuck on the 5th point for almost 10 mins can't believe I couldn't make the 6. The table was loving it. Made some good coin and a lot of friends hahahha. Thanks for sharing! Gonna be using this set for some time. Note, I was first position to the left of the rake, Position 9 I believe. All three times I 7nd out was when one dice rolled over chips...so frustrating. Cheers BT!
Comment from : baboosta85

Bob Blakely
How would one practice, without a table?Great vidios
Comment from : Bob Blakely

Gerardo Villalobos
Don't let no one get to you keep up the good work.
Comment from : Gerardo Villalobos

Connor OBrien
At 17:40 I believe you won the pass line bet, not lost your bets cause the point was off. So you were still good my friend! Haha digging the vids can’t wait to head to Vegas to try this out!!
Comment from : Connor OBrien

Steve Konefal
6-2,2-1....won a little tonight...thanks
Comment from : Steve Konefal

Swamp Rat
Hey Bone, if this isn't the grail, then what is? I own the table at my local casino with this shot. When I get the dice everyone at the table loads up on the all, tall and small and I normally hit it. Most of time, the whole table will pass just so I can get the dice right back. BT, you are the Craps Grand Master, love your videos Sir.
Comment from : Swamp Rat

Fredrick Stringfellow
I hit the ATS and 6 point fire bet with this dice set. 41 rolls before 7 came. Thank you for this dice set!
Comment from : Fredrick Stringfellow

Thomas Tokarz
have you tried 6/1 and  5/2 and threw it hard straight down the middle. and can you put a video out. to see
Comment from : Thomas Tokarz

Craps Journey
Hi Marc, Excellent to show the transition moves you did into $44 inside when you got slapped by WOTCO on your place bets. Aaron
Comment from : Craps Journey

Michael Thur
I'm going to have to say keep the videos coming you turned my craps game totally around I listen to you before I go into the casino and it pumps me up I am averaging 4 rolls before I hit all three points and for the non-believers I'm hitting an average of 12 to 13 rules after my three points I am using the 6 2 2 1 set
I am also walking out of the casino with $500 cleared all because of you up

Comment from : Michael Thur

M Dilley
Yesss! B.T. adding more betting to the videos. BRILLIANT! Love the videos man. Keep fightin the good fight.
Comment from : M Dilley

I just found this channel. Any advice on how to practice if i don't have a craps table?
Comment from : Steve

Lance T
Hey BT, another great video. Question to you is do you have a dice for a drop throw on a bouncy table. Just came back from Vegas and could not find a hard table there and this dice set just wasn’t working. I was able to bring back some of their money with some other stuff that you’ve taught us but I could not get this to work on any of the tables out there that I played on. The money I brought back was from betting the 66 inside pull after three hits and it works great but I had a hard time getting past six rolls and you know yourself that sometimes it takes seven or eight rolls to get those three hits on the inside numbers. So do you have a dice set for the drop throw that you believe would be better for bouncy table? Thanks again for all the free info that you give to us on every video.
Comment from : Lance T

Justin Kase
Awesome video. I almost fell over laughing when you were talking about the cocktail waitress bending over. Hahahahaha. Thanks again
Comment from : Justin Kase

BT - ever think about using dice of different colors so you know which one is the left vs. right die? You would have to be certain of the weight issue but I like to practice that why to help tracking
Comment from : chilly90

Nicholas Baldassarre
BT, I agree it will take some(ALOT) of practice, but I was using the 6/2 - 2/1 and it was working well until I started talking to the dealers and you are totally right I was watching what number I needed for the S-T-A. I need to forget about those numbers and concentrate on my throw. You are so right that I need to zone everything out and concentrate on my throw. I will try the 6/2 2/1 next time at the casino.
Comment from : Nicholas Baldassarre

I love these knuckleball throws. I'm having success in practice, but not as much at the casino yet. I have to make adjustments. Just an observation -- I know you had a lot going on during that throw -- I noticed that you didn't mark your hardway bets as losses when the easy ways came. You rolled two 6-4 10's early (3:20, 4:09), and a 3-1 4 (11:00) but kept the hardway bets out there without subtracting them as losses. Oversight, or was there a reason? Thanks.
Comment from : Gambler

Dan D.
Bone Thrower Great Great video, as usual. Thank you, Thank you. Can’t wait to try this throw tomorrow.
If possible can you move your camera a bit so we can see the complete flight of the dice. I can’t get a sense of the height right now. Thank you.



Comment from : Dan D.

Hey BT another great video. Couple questions. First, how come you did not remove the quarters from the hardways when you hit the easy 4 and easy 10? Second, it seems like the 2/1 die does the rolling most, could that be because thats the die you have covered? If you just kept two fingers down the middle do you think it would accumulate more 6/2's that you start with?
Comment from : playboy2k

Joe G
Hey BT...what video shows the mechanics of the forward roll dice toss? Love the vids...keep it up! Thx
Comment from : Joe G

Little Jimmy
Great video B T ,I like the way you are throwing dice,you are in the zone,thanks
Comment from : Little Jimmy

Marc at my local I did ok with the 4/2 2/4 set but the great shooter of the day did the 3V set and rolled for 45 minutes and hit a 5 fire bet!
Comment from : Astrosjer

Rolando Trevino
Really nice roll BT!! After you hit the 7 between points, you came back and hit the small! I'm going to watch part 2, and see how it goes. All you need is the 11 and the 12 for all of them. I'm going to try this tomorrow, and I'll let you know how it goes. I tried the previous set (6/2 4/1) once, and I was able to make some money on it, but I only threw one time. Thanks. I'm really liking this one!!
Comment from : Rolando Trevino

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