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Morpheen ___
Yo teaching ain’t for everybody n ur one of them wtf was u sayin my guy 😂 who can learn from a so called tutorial video like this 🤔 🤔
Comment from : Morpheen ___

Kill So
so this is basically craps without the table
Comment from : Kill So

Kenny Prenesto
This is basically craps
Comment from : Kenny Prenesto

Oryx Mp4
Cant say whats whitter the die or his hands
Comment from : Oryx Mp4

Yeonho Kang
nro i no idea
Comment from : Yeonho Kang

Chef Jason Peru
Geh your dice aightt
Comment from : Chef Jason Peru

Thought this shit was way easier
Comment from : nickmain542

Daniel Flores
Malibu's most wanted
Comment from : Daniel Flores

Daniel L
sounded black as hell at first, seen his arm he started sounded a lil country😂
Comment from : Daniel L

Dolores Ghee
This nigga sound like a wanna be black y’all white people started off hating us and now y’all wanna be us no offense but white people talking like that is offensive to me
Comment from : Dolores Ghee

Tray Young
He else seen he lost to himself😭❗
Comment from : Tray Young

Sounds like a fat white nigga
Comment from : RIP DONTAI

Dylan _100savage
Monopoly dice, fr🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Dylan _100savage

Jayson Coutou
In my country does play dice the person who roll the highest take the pot...with 2 dice...it's that simple
Comment from : Jayson Coutou

Me and kyle playing some street dice with our friends:

Comment from : Masterbaiter

Royal Gamer
A sweet thanks to you i went from 16 dollars to 100 dollars
Comment from : Royal Gamer

87 Seconds - Short Videos on Fun Facts - 10k Subs
dude is so out of breath from shaking the dice
Comment from : 87 Seconds - Short Videos on Fun Facts - 10k Subs

KoolaidSZN Oh YeAh
How to get killed 101
Comment from : KoolaidSZN Oh YeAh

gaming with ant !!!
I liked it , I understood the first time good explanation
Comment from : gaming with ant !!!

yo mama
White b👦🏼y Rob
Comment from : yo mama

Cyrus Trembinski
Your not black fool
Comment from : Cyrus Trembinski

john doe
A white boy trying to be/talk ghetto black lol, he sounds so retrded.
Comment from : john doe

YDD Blazin Hard 2669
And why he stuttering when he sayin this 😭😭
Comment from : YDD Blazin Hard 2669

YDD Blazin Hard 2669
Bro I feel like he nv played but watched onm
Comment from : YDD Blazin Hard 2669

Kevin N
I hate while dudes who try to sound ghetto and act like they from the hood and say “on gang” and throw up some bs ass gang signs 🤣🤣
Comment from : Kevin N

Luhh Zay
That’s cool and all but once I go bank rupt ima robbing all y’all niggas😂
Comment from : Luhh Zay

Wesley King
Kid find a ball or bike
Comment from : Wesley King

Jayse Edwards
You don’t lose the pot if you role a 7 it just switches hands
Comment from : Jayse Edwards

zech florek
That coke nail tho🤣🤣💯
Comment from : zech florek

Kur Lavish
Preciate it bro, got tired of being the odd ball at all the functions 🤣
Comment from : Kur Lavish

big daddy 07
I can here the soundcloud rapper in his voice
Comment from : big daddy 07

RebeL ZombiE
If I threw dice with you I'm taking your money win or lose.. Then I'm clipping off that hideous coke pinky nail.. Clown..
Comment from : RebeL ZombiE

Bruh this white kid do coke, he got the coke nail and the voice. 👍🏼🍚
Comment from : Nexus

Astrik Clan
Comment from : Astrik Clan

James Morris
Comment from : James Morris

ethan castille
2:00 boy you burt yo dice give me my money lmao
Comment from : ethan castille

sniper bear
Comment from : sniper bear

Gotta pay rent somehow
Comment from : James

Z K3
Umm 🤔 wtf...
Comment from : Z K3

You burnt money @ 1.58 you can’t touch the Ds until you got a fade you already hit an touch the dice
Comment from : Rod6below

Sickcartel 187
When u get that one black friend
Comment from : Sickcartel 187

OG Zeno
You missed allot like when you touched them dice on that 6 that was a scratch
Comment from : OG Zeno

Young Timbow
Bruh burnt the shit out his money he grab dice before his money smfh 🤦🏾‍♂️
Comment from : Young Timbow

Lord Spade
"imma show you guys how to play some street dice today aight"
a hand so pale it could blind the audience enters the screen

Comment from : Lord Spade

Hank Doenow
Ashy Larry 😂😂
Comment from : Hank Doenow

José Ortiz
I can tell this man’s bout it just by his voice lmfaoo
Comment from : José Ortiz

He burnt dice like a mf.
Comment from : TexasGulfFishing

Brian Banks
Comment from : Brian Banks

This bring back high school memories lmaooo
Comment from : Hideika

Mathias Heather
This kid is so white
Comment from : Mathias Heather

Caterrious Allen
You really lost against yoself 😂
Comment from : Caterrious Allen

Johhny Applesseed
What in the fuck are u talking about
Comment from : Johhny Applesseed

Jonathan Madi
that is literally the game Craps
Comment from : Jonathan Madi

Amy See
You need to meet my men's Rob he the same white as you😂
Comment from : Amy See

Yo first mistake is tryna learn ta shoot craps from a white boy 😂
Comment from : 612REMY

Mike Hunt
this is the realest video on utube that coke nail, the voice, the content of the video,etc im dying laughing
Comment from : Mike Hunt

Realmoney Quan317
U cnt shooot bc he hit hella craps
Comment from : Realmoney Quan317

fallout man
Can I get English captions on this?
Comment from : fallout man

Ian Carter
what’s the “shit yourself” thing my friends are always talking about i don’t know what that is please explain .
Comment from : Ian Carter

Cut ur nails
Comment from : TTH-Alien

Jessica Escalante
Who's watching this in 2019? Lol.
Comment from : Jessica Escalante

DMV Local Artist News
Called high low nd highest number wins💀 u dnt Kno wat u talking about🤦🏾‍♂️
Comment from : DMV Local Artist News

Farm boy ass kid 🤣
Comment from : LIL SHADO

Dante Stringer
This boy is so dumb
Comment from : Dante Stringer

You roll quick becuz someone will try and steal ur dice? lol
Comment from : DzMusic2011

Austin Nino
you stupid wigger kys asshead
Comment from : Austin Nino

Seems like a real boring way to make money
Comment from : Ghastly_Grinner

Winston Churchill's Ghost
The a'ights and the coke nail sealed it for me. Thumbs up for life, motherfuckers!!!
Comment from : Winston Churchill's Ghost

Nigga u didn’t even mention anything to do with the side bets😭🤣
Comment from : Unknown1324

I won 500 in a week at school
Comment from : Xnoggz

Grant Garrett
Play at 2x speed. Thank me later.
Comment from : Grant Garrett

Robin Streng
That was very unclear
Comment from : Robin Streng

Gerald Mack
Who the fuck is this kid???!!!!!!😕😕😕😕😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Gerald Mack

Marquie’s Smith
Comment from : Marquie’s Smith

yo voice is so annoying bitch
Comment from : Røñ

Janne Vihattula
Thanks Man i always wanted to learn this. U explained it greately
Comment from : Janne Vihattula

Jersey LTD
Slim jesus making money straight outta gym class
Comment from : Jersey LTD

Obi-Wan Kenobi
You sound so old now
Comment from : Obi-Wan Kenobi

Nick Grenier
White boy trying so hard to be black...
Comment from : Nick Grenier

bball dre
For all the niggas askin I gotchu....first thing is someone chooses high or low if you choose low and shoot a lower number than the opponent then it’s your dis if you shoot higher it’s there’s and kant roll 2-3-12 first roll or you crap and lose yo money 7,11 first roll is a win if you hit any number besides these 5 your first roll that’s your point and you gotta roll till you hit your point if you roll 7 before your point you lose
Comment from : bball dre

bball dre
You burnt dice doe 🤷🏽‍♂️
Comment from : bball dre

Ur New Father
Wait what abt the 3 dice version my nigga im confused
Comment from : Ur New Father

Bruh you’re in the house making a video explaining it. Just use a table, not the floor.
Comment from : Pranks313

Carlos Zayas
That nial
Comment from : Carlos Zayas

Atomic Spark
Worst fake accident ever XD
Comment from : Atomic Spark

iambaby v
2:00 burned dice
Comment from : iambaby v

Christopher Chicas
He sound like hes trying to convince the viewer that he from the hood
Comment from : Christopher Chicas

Comment from : good4u

Young Suit
I definitely didn't expect that white hand to come out
Comment from : Young Suit

Lotta haters in this stream ... you go lil brother, you alright.
Comment from : RamZ

p weed chicken
pig skin ass boy get the fuck outta here
Comment from : p weed chicken

OG 516
I still have no idea how to play.
Comment from : OG 516

Mateo Espinoza
Blackest sounding white person ever
Comment from : Mateo Espinoza

instructions not clear. got my dick stuck in my ceiling fan.
Comment from : Oak

Im going to be making a reaction video to all these amazing comments and giving shout out to everyone who subscribes
Comment from : MD2_music

Quron Cooper
I was wondering why he had that one long ass fingernail till everybody called him a coke head 😭😭🤦🏾‍♂️
Comment from : Quron Cooper

Selam Habte
Hahah white people teaching street dice lol
Comment from : Selam Habte

Max Reyes
Nice Coke nail man,never can get mine that long
Comment from : Max Reyes

Anthony Collins
Nigga told me seve9or eleven is crap out
Comment from : Anthony Collins

The Hood Is Our Life
You forgetting sone steps but most of it right
Comment from : The Hood Is Our Life

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