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Guy VanBuren
Wow this is incredibly helpful
Comment from : Guy VanBuren

Mark Ly
This is some shitty poker .
Comment from : Mark Ly

Pera P
There are many factors in how to play poker. One plan I discovered that successfully combines these is the Card Crusher Fixer (check it out on google) definately the most helpful plan i've seen. Check out the unbelievable information .
Comment from : Pera P

Clap Forboobies
Jesus what's up with that sleeveless freak
Comment from : Clap Forboobies

Nathan Knight
2nd nut hand is k9
Comment from : Nathan Knight

mike james
Any recommended apps or sites for good poker charts? Preflop postflop charts
Comment from : mike james

Come play at stones ;p
Comment from : neogauntlet

Erez Maman
I don’t understand the logic in check raising 4,5 on the flop as a bluff. I don’t see hero ever folding ace king there
Comment from : Erez Maman

Ben Zhang
Robert Y is a stupid Fish 🐟
Comment from : Ben Zhang

Elvin Fabre
Love this format
Comment from : Elvin Fabre

rgncal 4
1/2 or 1/3 no limit is basically a game to start your no limit w wet feet, but you get tons of callers because of standard 8 to 10 dollar raises.
Comment from : rgncal 4

Plaza Player
Who’s the dude pumped full of steroids???? PMSL what does he look like
Comment from : Plaza Player

john sims
You didn't blur out his % chance to win lmao what a fail
Comment from : john sims

Todd Zickel
Steroid guy is terrible..... Very good hidden hands to rake in $$ and he was crap! Checks both rivers. Never raises and only had 1 worthy bet of $60 which was 1/2 pot. I know Bart wanted $80 but that likely folds Igor so the extra $20 was lost by Igor's $48. Jake got the best brick card on the river, too. the 2. No flush draw. No crazy str8. No weird trips. And the guy just checks the River? A smallish $90 value bet, 1/3 pot, would suck in Viet D. If they fold, then you win the pot w/out showing your cards. Terrible poker but it really helps my game to learn proper bet sizing from you, raising the turn and getting some $$ in the river . Thanks, Bart.
Comment from : Todd Zickel

geoff beyer
The amount of people that complained about this videos length and content make me laugh. I'm sure that these are the people that say they study the game, but they don't have the mental capacity or nous to sit for any great length of time to put in the work required to become a better player.
There were a lot of small bits of info in this video that, if you took notice, will really help you to play a good low stakes game and build your roll to move up.
I know i'm late, but thanks for this Bart!

Comment from : geoff beyer

Oh man jake 😔 if jake check raises turn and wing calls then river comes 10 jake fires out on river and hopes for hero call
Comment from : jbarres80

Ked Red
I liked this video.. Thank you.. I also like it when you blur out one of the players whole/hole cards.. I like playing $1 $3 and you explained it perfectly... I do agree with your thoughts on the small size betting.
Comment from : Ked Red

Loyal Line
I think he got maximum value on that 1st hand with the queens by letting Ace 4 off lead out... I feel like Ace 4 would have folded pre flop with any raise more than double his initial raise and if for "some reason' he called... As soon as Q-Q raises the turn then it's almost a snap fold at that point with his kicker problems. This way he kind of "baby trapped" for maximum value although he risked an Ace turning up but... That's the catch with "trapping".
Comment from : Loyal Line

What do you mean when you say "Kx?" What does "X" mean?
Comment from : SEMAJ

Lk Technical
I'm very big fan of you
Comment from : Lk Technical

Dee Loc
Damn the one guy woulda flopped a boat w 8 3
Comment from : Dee Loc

Bro I need you to coach me. Excellent training video
Comment from : Shay

B Stephens
Omg to long winded
Comment from : B Stephens

On the AK vs KK, if AK wouldve reraised preflop, KK probably wouldve three bet and AK would flat call, the with that flop AK probably check, KK bets, AK calls, turn is 5 and AK checks again and KK bets, then AK would fold right? so AK loses? if he had played correctly right?
Comment from : Box

Simmy Hundal
C Wong bet the pot on hand #3 with his top pair flop. You recommended overbetting in this situation... why is over-betting OK in this situation?
Comment from : Simmy Hundal

Donna Riebel
I had a hand a couple months ago with a board nearly identical to the one in Jake’s hand. I had the wheel with A3 and was out of position. When the 5 came on the turn, I bet, he raised, I re-raised, and he flat called. I placed him on a set. The river brought another 2 to pair the board, worrying me that he got a boat or quad 2’s. We both checked the river and he also had A3.
Comment from : Donna Riebel

Pedro Alb
I'm researching how to play poker and discovered an awesome resource at Card Crusher Fixer (look it up on google)
Comment from : Pedro Alb

3.2:1 like:dislike means Bart is teaching folks to CRUSH live poker obviously.
Comment from : VState60

Drew Berry
DTD cash game publish video you could review those hands
Comment from : Drew Berry

Burnt Flesh
Holy shot son. Speed it up! Damn. I’d rather watch paint dry.
Comment from : Burnt Flesh

Hannah Swales
Can’t get over how bad some of the players are, I need to move here! Great video though, thanks :)
Comment from : Hannah Swales

watch this in 1,25
Comment from : YakiMasala

Cousin Jimmy Farha
This analysis is fairly horrible. It assumes all opponents are idiots who play at level 0 or 1. Typical "Pro" prejudice: small stakes players are idiots.
Comment from : Cousin Jimmy Farha

Cousin Jimmy Farha
WtF all the time spent on the turn lead? It's obv blocking/pot control; trying for a cheap showdown.
Comment from : Cousin Jimmy Farha

Jason Kassel
Do you have any more information on $1/$3 games?
Comment from : Jason Kassel

Great training videos bart!

I had a question though, in hand#3 where jake has 54, you suggest check raising with hands like this as you pick up lots of equity on the turn. What do you suggest happens when the villain flats your raise, then the turn say for example is a Queen of diamonds or a random brick with no extra equity being picked up?

Do you suggest blasting off the turn/ river or would you find your self slowing down as the opponent is most likely to have a king/ legitamate hand to flat your check raise?

Comment from : badbeatwilly

Joshua Fox
Also viet with queen jack small blind flopping 2 pairs should've bet $35 which would've knocked Jake out kept Robert on possibly and or bought entire pot , although small pot still profit is better than loss
Comment from : Joshua Fox

Joshua Fox
My opinion is that your criticism on Ace king versus pocket kings is that you're biased! It don't matter who you are when you are watching bets happen with 2 hearts odds of that third heart coming on the river and you feeling like you have the win are super low! Especially if you're a great player ! In my opinion great players have to have the instinct of wanting to play it safe in order to be successful!! That hand in particular is where you and I disagree however the rest of the hands not bad for analysis , but Robert with pocket kings should've been betting harder to buy the pot with kings on a semi bluff versus letting opponent see more cards
Comment from : Joshua Fox

Stavros Georgiadis
Thanks for taking the time and effort to analyze the hands themselves and also alternative related scenarios.
Comment from : Stavros Georgiadis

Carolina Kush
the blurring is why I subscribed.
Comment from : Carolina Kush

This video is amazing! Great content, great way to see your line of thinking and acting! Thank you Bart! Cheers from Brazil!
Comment from : guikalil

B. Alvn
great video, thanks a lot.

sure some shaky play there, huh? but you know, as a low limit player myself who can't always really afford it, sometimes you want to limit variance and sometimes people want to keep it friendly at places they play often or people they know pretty well or whatever..i think you have to remember that not everybody is out for blood 100% of the time at some of those small neighborhood type games. i don't know where "Stones" is but it ain't Vegas or Monte Carlo or Macao, that's for sure! you known what i mean? still, though, the guy with 5s and 4s really blew it, no question about that one. lol~

Comment from : B. Alvn

Hey I play at Stones sometimes, sweet spot
Comment from : Brandon

Robbert Y did you raise T8o...
Comment from : robbertou

scott singley
wow get to the point
Comment from : scott singley

Holy fuck Igor. That just hurt my soul. Bluff bluff check?!?! Good video though Bart! Hey BART, what is that match stack?? Only new players can match highest stack? My casino can't get the 1/3 going. People only want to play 2/5 $500 buy in for some reason. It's usually sooo tight.
Comment from : BluezFan91

Mr Brandon Ho
Subscribed after this vid.
Comment from : Mr Brandon Ho

why does KK+55 beat QQ+JJ?
Comment from : vpsaline

Rokas Jurjonas
x/r 45o on 24Kr reasoning is very weak. Why would you turn a good bluff catcher into a bluff ?? You Isolate your self against the stronger range and eliminate all possible bluffs which could continue bluffing on turn. This hand just has too much equity to x/r as a bluff.
Comment from : Rokas Jurjonas

Filip Johansson
Video starts at 3:40
Comment from : Filip Johansson

you forgot to cover the percentage
Comment from : BohalonOG

Pamela Reynolds
1 hour and 3 hands... spped thing up bit...stop repeat ur self over over..get to point..
Comment from : Pamela Reynolds

Nathaniel True
Thank you very much for the free content! One peice of constructive criticism is i find you are repeating yourself sometimes way to much. Big thumbs up again.
Comment from : Nathaniel True

John Smith
19:01 check folding AK here is super lol at any level.
Comment from : John Smith

51:30 I'd probably just bet 150 on the turn there, my experience with live players is that fold equity is really low and with that raise you give them all a great price to see a river card. My reasoning is also that I'm not worried about Viet here because he is so short and I am super happy about stacking off 60bb more with top and bottom pair against him.
Comment from : Varheim

19:50 He might even have called a ship on the turn with something like Th8h or Jh9h (etc) if he had that. Hands that will be x/f this river.
Comment from : Varheim

7:40 Not a whole lot of 8s except T8s, 98s, 87s, 88, though I guess they might be somewhat discounted in probability due to board and player.
Comment from : Varheim

Rafael Velazquez
Brian Watson is my uncle
Comment from : Rafael Velazquez

Rahul Yukich
lol these guys r terrible
Comment from : Rahul Yukich

On the 1st hand, does he really lose value on the river? I think it's hard for most 2 pair hands to call you specifically on the river.
Comment from : goombas3040

I can't believe online gambling in USA is not legal...
Comment from : h3llraise

+Crushlivepoker hey i was wondering since you always talk about Los Angeles area casinos like Commerce Casino what do you think about Hustlers Casino $1/$3 blinds $50-$100 buy in and should i instead play $2-$5 blinds $100-$300 buy ins? thanks for your input.
Comment from : Jestic

jonathan yturralde
I'm just getting into poker and I love your videos. I will be starting 1/3 and love that this is at Stones Casino. I will go there just because you did this video. Great job. Thank you!
Comment from : jonathan yturralde

It is I
as a part-time semi-pro I have to say Crush series are one of the best and Bart is doing hell of a job diving into some of the toughest spots. Very well done!
Comment from : It is I

Donovan Shane White
The very first hand...he asked when does someone donk into a rag turn. Rec players always donk into cards that help them. When he bet at it, I knew he had a 4. Most small stakes rec players do this. (small percentage of the time he has an op or a pp, and fears the flush)
Comment from : Donovan Shane White

Pinozi Kingz
Great video Bart! 2nd time watching this...

Question for you. I have the tendency to bet big on the river if I get lucky with a rag hand... to "save my table image" and not want reveal my hand - So either I get paid off or they fold. What's your take on my approach? For example...

A hand like Jake's hand 4,5o vs AK, turning 2pair 4s and 5s. I know Jake just flatted on all streets, but instead of value betting like you might suggest on the river. I personally would bet huge on the river with Jake's hand with the mentality of either getting paid off or protecting your image by forcing AK to fold and muck with no show.

Let me know. Thanks a ton!

Comment from : Pinozi Kingz

robin mihara
please, Bart. more like this.
Comment from : robin mihara

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