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Bryce Alexander
Painful memories
Comment from : Bryce Alexander

I am
Do I also gotta bring my 40 glock with me?
Comment from : I am

Chef Jason Peru
I came to learn how to clak clak clak
Comment from : Chef Jason Peru

Raccoon 205
Comment from : Raccoon 205

Sniperr Lam
Shitten me.... I’m from ny (16) where tf imma get dice😭
Comment from : Sniperr Lam

The Master mind
Ya got the fundamentals right but the dice falling off the table and you lose I never heard of that if the dice falls out, the roll doesn’t count then you just re-roll and only being able to roll 5 times to get a point that’s wrong you can roll as many times until you get a point and the person who rolls the highest number to roll first has the bank and they choose how much money is in their bank and you can set your own rules before the game starts. Mind you I’m from Brooklyn.
Comment from : The Master mind

Heartless Bowser
Wtf is the Kareem willams 😆😆😆
Comment from : Heartless Bowser

Joshua Hid
Already lost in life😂😂😂
Comment from : Joshua Hid

Irish Spring
Comment from : Irish Spring

John Lewis
Painful memories
Comment from : John Lewis

Toxic Cxrtz
So you roll and who ever has the highest score out of five rolls wins?
Comment from : Toxic Cxrtz

just watched a fucking trailer trash white boy fail so lets see how this goes
Comment from : SuperSuperdude88

Yall repin DJ screw and ugk in cali?
Comment from : youngswhtx

That nigga in the back @ 0:18 scared me
Comment from : OshinjiYT

David Crawford
He got two six’s how did he lose?
Comment from : David Crawford

Howie KoanZeno
Is that Kareem in the white hoodie
Comment from : Howie KoanZeno

Noki Latu
all ii see is guys throwing dice around for fun
Comment from : Noki Latu

919 Gangsta
0:49 is embarrassing to watch. Fuck happened to Cuzz grill G ?
Comment from : 919 Gangsta

Tapor E
2:52 click clak
Comment from : Tapor E

Y’all niggas ain’t from the hood I can already tell
Comment from : SSF13 WH85PK

Brian Williams
What part of Cali? I’m form the Bay Area
Comment from : Brian Williams

He said, what you doing you eating the treats, we gambling with that 🤣
Comment from : Boogiebutt

O Flex
In NYC if you roll a 6 you automatically win and if you roll 3 of any number it's called "trips" and you win.
Comment from : O Flex

Francisco Gonzalez
Whats the song in the background
Comment from : Francisco Gonzalez

One Thousand and One Steps
Americans are disappointing. American cannabis is awful.
Comment from : One Thousand and One Steps

Habsel Keiten
instructions not clear enough got dick stuck in dice
Comment from : Habsel Keiten

Who are these fucking nobodies?
Comment from : switchguy00

Olin Stalnaker
Homie said cholo in the front party in the back 😂😂😂
Comment from : Olin Stalnaker

Real P
That George Clinton tho.....1:41
Comment from : Real P

I feel like y’all really in TEXAS 💯 cause y’all wearing dj screw & ugk shirts lmao
Comment from : KING FRANCO

HollywoodMusixc Global Productions
Comment from : HollywoodMusixc Global Productions

Nick Buggs
That's how we play to but you get as many roll as it take you to a point
Comment from : Nick Buggs

Moses Peralta
He said 666
Comment from : Moses Peralta

Tom Jones
Shiiiittttt mutherfucker man shiiiittttttt...they all think they can sing and dance...hahaha
Comment from : Tom Jones

ThatGuy Mar
Where do find someone to shoot dice at
Comment from : ThatGuy Mar

Yall in LA when its time to gamble, but when we bustin out the trees we in California ahaha

Comment from : A R

Asshole Destroyer420
Is that Kareem
Comment from : Asshole Destroyer420

Joe Casillas
So when u score do u throw again or its the next mans turn
Comment from : Joe Casillas

Matt Sieracki
At 8:31 Fast Ronald the Kush God broke the Number One Rule About Dice as indicated at 3:06 and 3:35.and right before The Championship at 5:46.
Comment from : Matt Sieracki

Got that Screw & Lil Keke crawlin in the background!
Comment from : StarchieArchie

Xx Yy
Isn't this cee lo?
Comment from : Xx Yy

Fariko Pacer
Sacramento stand up!
Comment from : Fariko Pacer

Kyle Duke
lol man whered u get that ugk shirt
Comment from : Kyle Duke

David Mar Porras
Ugk 94 where u buy it?
Comment from : David Mar Porras

Luis Noone
That bud ice tho 😎👌
Comment from : Luis Noone

Vuff Dk
0:16 haha omg I thought it was designer 😂😂
Comment from : Vuff Dk

Will Howard
H Taaaawn
Comment from : Will Howard

soul evans
0:49 boy yo teeeth fucked up, my dadddy did it,boi yo daddy teeth fucked up too
Comment from : soul evans

Pablo E
What's the name of the song?
Comment from : Pablo E

7:11 my man shot a 3-4-5 wassup with that
Comment from : zDanté

Use painful memories
Comment from : PockyTheChocolate

Kareem in the cut
Comment from : Toba

Ashley P
hahahah y'all r hilarious. I luv his Michael Jackson pants. more vids plz
Comment from : Ashley P

Melvin Vernell
That c lo shit
Comment from : Melvin Vernell

That black dude look familiar , I think I see him with no jumper interview.
Comment from : Khari

AreLL Lio
Budget ph
Comment from : AreLL Lio

The Come Up BMX
Comment from : The Come Up BMX

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