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Cob 702
Casino4uou Dice average weight 8.85 grams
Comment from : Cob 702

You sir are a gift to all ppl who play this game and need to watch what you post. Thanks bones. You the man.
Comment from : TheCloneWarsDiehard

Daniel Burns
I heard Amazon does sell the casino ones but it's not the 19 mm. I bought the 19 mm too but I don't know if it's true or not just figured I'd let you know since I saw it in the video
Comment from : Daniel Burns

Joe Kendall
Hey bt I buy my dice from Ebay which are casino dice
Comment from : Joe Kendall

Rene Iannicelli
If I wanted to buy a 14' table, can I buy them from the same provider who sells to the casinos in Vegas? Is that public information?
Comment from : Rene Iannicelli

Hi BT. If you throw 10 rolls and you SO on the 10th throw, do you count 10 or 9 rolls into your SOR?
Also can you pull down or turn off a hard way bet once it's made?

Comment from : sluggosloan

Rollen’ with Mr. Lopez
Always helpful! 🎲🎲👍🏽
Comment from : Rollen’ with Mr. Lopez

andrew moore
In Vegas last week, first time there and first time to play craps, played three times and came out ahead each time, total of $680 in winnings! Thanks for the help BT! And I have to say that pretty much everyone was helpful from the dealers to the other players at the tables. Great time. And go see a Vegas golden nights game, that is also one helluva a good time!
Comment from : andrew moore

Sherry Trullender
Hey Bone Thrower, I don't know if you have a website. Im a college computer science major, and part time craps player $500-1000 stakes a few times a year. I want to build you a website for free, help spread the word. I know bullshit when I hear it, and you always post good content. Keep it up, let me know how to contact you.
Comment from : Sherry Trullender

james adams
The Dice table is easy to beat , I always win at the rate of about $150 dollars per hour , There is zero chance I will lose !! I play my own strategy, I Never lose !! The Key is to Minimize your losses but Maximize your wins , Its easier than you think !!
Comment from : james adams

Alan  Call
Great information keep them coming
Comment from : Alan Call

Chris D
What’s the best dice set for throwing a yo/11
Comment from : Chris D

Ronald Prince
Happy New Year BoneThrower, you Have Given so much to all of us, may All The Chips Rain on You
Comment from : Ronald Prince

Gdog Keep’em Rolling
Hey BT and bone zone viewers in all your years of playing about how many times have you seen someone throw over 20 times without a 7? How rare is this occurrence ?
Comment from : Gdog Keep’em Rolling

Rob Spellman
Just found you within the past 48 hours and I’ve been binge watching your videos. I just got my ass handed to me on a 7 day a cruise and heading back out on the 27th going to try some of the methods I’ve learned from your videos. My biggest problem was early on I hit some really big rolls and seem to always be chasing the monster roll versus playing the short game!
Comment from : Rob Spellman

All phase mobility
Merry Christmas BT! Hope to to see more from you soon?
Comment from : All phase mobility

BT.... Merry Christmas and the best of health to you in the new year.

PS.....may all your throws be paying numbers as you continue to be the casino's worst nightmare..:)

Comment from : Warbaby

john williamson
I've played craps for at least 40 years, and I'm here to tell you dice "setting" is b.s. What pisses me off is some "setter" who takes way too much time before each throw and then 7ing out after 2-3 rolls.
Comment from : john williamson

duane dooley
Thanks for this videos! I am new to dice setting and I have been practicing for 2 months. Can't wait to get to win more & learn more!$$ Belief is where it is at!!
Comment from : duane dooley

Sidney Womack
Saw the answer in another video.thanks I no longer use a comp card. Because I believe. Last 5 casino trips returned with $ 1600. Profit. Will try tomorrow. The 6/2 2/1 set from stick left 1 or 2 if I can get in.I usually shoot straight out use the hard 4 set and repeat my mechanics And look to dominate the table.this is a beautiful thing that you do.
Comment from : Sidney Womack

Sidney Womack
and yes you have to adjust to the conditions. happy holidays
Comment from : Sidney Womack

Sidney Womack
I have played craps for over thirity years im 71 years old now i read about 8 crap books over the years then i found your video. I have to say you tell the truth about this game you show and tell us everything you need to know about how to win . I love how you explain little thing because little thing matter inthis game . thanks for what you do i still pratice my toss everyday because you keep learning. Like you said Herm Edwards said

Comment from : Sidney Womack

Daniel Diaz
Thank you Bone Thrower for what you do! Love the videos... looking forward to your content in 2019!!
Comment from : Daniel Diaz

Gdog Keep’em Rolling
Hey bone so I was just looking at all the bets on the table and none of the bets really pay you true odds which automatically put each bet in casino favor well I got to looking at hop bets... why not just hop bet 1-6,3-4,2-5 each for 20$ until you hit a seven could even martingale this system after every four to 5 rolls but I bet you won’t have to and you can even add a 5$ any seven bet to increase your your odds basically true odds for 7 is 6to1 with this you get 16to 1 giving you an edge over casino I believe not to mention you’ll be betting on the most common number rolled this is the true way to play craps if you want an even better edge than the casino has than just practice throwing 7s or bet on random rollers after thier 4th roll also try using this strategy it beats trying to avoid 6 combinations of the dice youtu.be/zy6-wGLYCbI
Comment from : Gdog Keep’em Rolling

Cody Lassman
Yo Bone! I love watching your vids! Keep up the great work!! Have you ever thought about giving lessons? I live in SEK and be willing to drive and pay for some lessons from the Bone Thrower! Then maybe I can find the BoneZone!!
Comment from : Cody Lassman

Michael Gellings
Hello BTW hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year look forward to your continue videos be safe
Comment from : Michael Gellings

I'm planning a trip to Vegas in March and I would like to play the craps tables. Question: From your viewpoint (and others watching this channel) , which casinos (on the Strip) have "hard surface" tables? Also, any places with good dealers who are professional and friendly?

Can't stand the bouncy tables. The ones in Council Bluffs are almost unplayable to such a point that dice setters / dice influencers have no chance of getting into a grove. The only exception is Ameristar which has hard surfaces....I've been killing those tables :)

And yes, dice setting / influencing (with good mechanics) does work. Earlier this year, I was a typical "chicken feeder" averaging 3-4 throws. These past few weeks my SOR has climbed to 15. MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE GAME !!!!

Comment from : Curling12341

Michael Tilley
Have you tried these?

Comment from : Michael Tilley

Hey B T , Was at the Hollywood casino in Pa. Yesterday and seen what you meant by them putting the table minimums sign right in the corner. I have been to other casinos and been close to the corner but there it is like inches before the turn. I liked throwing that all 7 set into the corner , but that sign was just to close. Bouncy table, tried that 3v from stick right with pinch grip and pendulum swing , both times on the come out i tried it and threw 3 7s in a row. switched to the 42/24 and started hitting #s used you pulling bets down, and came home with 75$ Throwing the dice twice . Kept you in my mind about making adjustments for the conditions and if things not working! Keep up the videos. hoping the Hollywood you mentioned will be one about their tables. Merry Christmas !!
Comment from : Krazyspank

Dale Webster
Do you know where to buy the real dice?
Comment from : Dale Webster

Ronald Prince
I enjoy your video's so very much. You give all us wanna be's hope for a brighter future
Comment from : Ronald Prince

Robert Wallace
Hey Bones...do you play at one main casino or do you rotate around. Also, I'm not able to go when the tables are empty or mostly empty. I'm only shooting to win a few hundred dollars and maybe shoot two or three times.. The problem is people have betted heavy on me to make money and I usually bet on others which sometimes makes me have to make up my losses with my shooting. What should I do? Stop betting on others and when it is my turn to shoot...make my money and purposely 7 out as quick as possible?
Comment from : Robert Wallace

Inside the Casino
Ever seen a dealer ask players to directly hand them the chips instead of putting them on the table first? Check this out..... www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXb8b4q0bwY
Comment from : Inside the Casino

More great information. Love it. I hope I get to run into you next week while we are out at the tables. If not, have a great holiday. Go Chiefs!
Comment from : Alan

Justin Kase
Comment from : Justin Kase

onemore shot
Old Dice, once your dice lose the edge keep them for practicing the mechanics of your toss. The mechanics will be the same, no matter the weight or the rounded edges. Also use to practice hitting your landing zone, hand and eye coordination is the same edges on the dice or not. BT thanks for all your videos and help, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all out there in Dice Land.
Comment from : onemore shot

BT, go to Prarie Band (you know where I’m referring). The gas station in the parking lot, sells the old dice. Last time I bought them, they hadn’t drilled them, just marked them. If I can find the last set, I’ll post a video. Also I agree about table materials. I have a Frankenstein’s rig of regulation material. I also have dice from several casinos in Vegas, as “souvenirs”. Had them almost 2 decades. Playing with anything but regulation dice, is like playing with Yahtzee dice. Great video. Salute.
Comment from : DJ BLOCKCHAIN

PinkLady Bikermamma
Learn something new every day. Who knew! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for you and your family.
Comment from : PinkLady Bikermamma

Jean Therrien
Thanks BT Happy Holidays
Comment from : Jean Therrien

Thomas Chapman
Thanks BT for all your efforts in 2018. I just found you in September this year. You have taught me more useful info in four months than all the books and courses I have purchased in 20 years combined. I'm not exaggerating. I hope you know how much all your "Bone Zone" disciples feel about you and what high regard we have for you. Look forward to 2019 and what it holds for us in the Craps arena and your continued tutelage. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.
Comment from : Thomas Chapman

kerry bennett
Hi Marc
I would like to ask to talk to you I hope your life you can make time for this. For I would like to share to you... and also my sincere thanks for your teaching videos and helping those of us who seek a better way and a better life. I so trust in you is my dream to be a master as well I did buy a 14' table for my present this year. High Rolls

Comment from : kerry bennett

BT, could you make a video, or even drop a comment discussing how to practice your throw at home when you don't have a table to practice on. Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find anything in the comments when I looked. Thanks!
Comment from : MWP123

No clue why people would complain about the backward movement on that throw, you are eliminating a possible error in your throw by removing it. When you do your video on the staggered set, try and show the movement from start to finish so that we can see what the release looks like. Thanks! I enjoy all of your videos, keep them coming.
Comment from : wh0urdady

Joe Smith
Merry Christmas to you as well BONE! I wish you would put your logo (with the skeleton fingers) on a t shirt I'd buy several for me and my dice throwing friends! Just a thought. Keep up the great videos. Be safe if you travel this Christmas season and here is wishing you a greatly Blessed and healthy 2019. Much dice throwing love from Texas.

Comment from : Joe Smith

Michael Wallace
Was practicing throwing the dice tonight, have some dice from the Orleans casino. They felt heavier than the dice i have from casino 4 you supply.The dice from casino 4 you were more jumpier than the dice from orleans casino. I think there is something to the difference in weight.
Comment from : Michael Wallace

peter rabbit
www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOPB9c4t0Ok From the movie Hard Eight,old timer shows a lot of class in this craps scene.Shot at the Peppermill casino,Reno,Nv.
Comment from : peter rabbit

Gene Chandler
I was at a casino in MI that changed the dice after I hit my point from green to a see-through purple, it was annoying. When I picked up the new dice I could feel a weight difference right away. I rolled another 15 plus numbers, Hahaha, served them right. BT said something right after that happened in a video about different dice weights with different colors. I've even heard about off-balance dice used by casinos, maybe a myth and they just pay the fines. Always great to view your videos BT... Merry Christmas to you.
Comment from : Gene Chandler

Bone, great vids the only trouble is I can.t see your hand when you throw the dice, the camera has to be just a little higher up to see. Thanks for the great videos
Comment from : Mitchues

Mike G
Once AGAIN THANKS for welcoming us into the BONE ZONE and going deeper into THIS game we luv...CRAPS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS MRBT
Comment from : Mike G

Tom Pellegrino
New to the channel BT from Southern IL. Great work. Great videos. Obviously super knowledgeable. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
Comment from : Tom Pellegrino

Tiger Craps
Great tip on practicing with dice that will weigh the same as the ones encountered on the casino deck. Your folk hero stature rivals that of sir robinhood. Let us all take from the casinos with the info and intelligence you provide.
Comment from : Tiger Craps

Thanks BT. Watching your videos gave me the confidence to finally hit the table at the casino. Appreciate you sharing the knowledge.
Comment from : 111kodiak

Yet another Craps casino advantage. We are practicing on lousy lighter dice!
Comment from : Astrosjer

Steve Konefal
BT...thanks won some$ at AC...used 3v...set from stick right one...landing zone just short of pass line...2 finger grip
Comment from : Steve Konefal

Rich Kielbasa
Thanks for the intro! That is money 💵 🤑 / It's better than "Let's get ready to rumble"
Comment from : Rich Kielbasa

Big C
Can you make a video on hitting the 11, 2, 12, 3🙏🏽
Comment from : Big C

Big C
Thanks you too much !
Comment from : Big C

Rene Reyna
Right on BT. Best wishes to you and yours. Thanks
Comment from : Rene Reyna

Shawn DeVary
been watching your videos for week and I'm going to try my luck soon just got to get a good strategy down the game is fun won 350 the first lost 50 the next time to try again would love to play at a table with u but I'm in southern Indiana by Louisville ky
Comment from : Shawn DeVary

Steven Poche
i always wanted to ask you whats your opinion about Bubble Craps, when all the tables are full i usually play the Bubble Craps until a spot is open on the table.
Comment from : Steven Poche

Hugh B Enhad
Going out to the River Wind casino now. I'll let you know how it goes.
Comment from : Hugh B Enhad

D Yodes
Thanks again for the info. Looking forward to the rest of all your videos. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well, Happy New year.... Be safe and make lots of money from the casino's.....
Comment from : D Yodes

peter rabbit
Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to You and Yours!!!-----Marc,that scale looks like the one we use when we go panning.
Comment from : peter rabbit

Carter Reid
Thanks for the video have been watching your videos for 2 years now and look forward every week for a new video to help escalate my game. I have implemented the 5 role pull out an have seen my profits get exponentially bigger thanks to you and your knowledge. Keep up the good work and keep them coming
Comment from : Carter Reid

Get your dice from Casino Supply
Comment from : BULLS EYE

Tom Kozee
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Looking forward to your new videos in 2019
Comment from : Tom Kozee

Len Anhold
Merry Christmas to you and yours at the Bone Zone :) May there be some all-tall-smalls and a dozens of score hits in your holiday season!
Comment from : Len Anhold

kochi mochi
Bone you are the the best, thank you for all of your videos. On your dominator videos the set you used was 4/5,4/5 which increases the odds for the sevens. I have used this set with some good results. Definitely without a doubt not possible without your help. Shout out to you. Definitely going to try some more to see if good the results continue. Thank you again. Happy Holidays and wishing you and your family the vey best.
Comment from : kochi mochi

Hardway Joe
hey bt another thing casinos on east coast the diamond rubber has 5 rows not 7 and diamonds seem bigger i contacted casino 4 u where i bought my layout they told me that type of rubber is not availible to the public if you ever find out where you can get that type of rubber let me know thanks
Comment from : Hardway Joe

Hey man i just weigh my dice and i have 1 thats 9.6 and the other 1 is 9.0....now my question would be...how to throw gentle and soft with a solid landing...i send the best holiday wishes

Rambo 64
I heard that some casinos are stopping players from setting the dice. Any ideas on how to get around this?
Comment from : Rambo 64

James Byers
By weighing the dice with your micro scale, you’ve really hit on a significant difference between off the shelf (retail dice) and actual casino dice. I just finished examining dice from 24 casinos, 22 of which are in Las Vegas. 75% of the Vegas casinos use the heavier dice, and none use dice as light as the retail dice. I also measured the die dimensions using digital calipers. As to dimensions, the casino dice were all between 19.10 mm (edge) to 19.60 mm (pair of dice). So, since the retail dice weigh so much less, it means the retail dice are not the same material as are the casino dice. Yes, they are all “ plastic”, but, having been in oil & gas, there are many different mixtures to make different plastics. The end result is that dice made of different material will react differently when striking the table and back wall.

I appreciate your videos, your exploring all the different ways to bet and different ways to set and throw.

Comment from : James Byers

Herbert Anderson
BT, have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year
Comment from : Herbert Anderson

beau rivage are 9.62 palace 9.66 drilled IP 8.66 amazon 8.6
Comment from : gbbrvern

Gene Moore
Gameland sells dice 1.76 ounces on Amazon
Comment from : Gene Moore

Gene Moore
BT I you look at the description of dice you buy from Amazon it will give you the total weight in ounces. Take that weight and convert to grams. Then divide by 5 dice for a weight for each dice in grams. Amazon sells various weight. 1.67 ounces or above will get you to 9.3 grams or higher. Very close to casino dice weight
Comment from : Gene Moore

William Luckey
can you please do a video on your hand ark and release never can determine what your hand is doing on the throw thanks
Comment from : William Luckey

christian olsen
And good Christmas to you and yours🙂
Comment from : christian olsen

Richard Leposa
Thank you about weight, mine are 8.6 grams. Have nice holiday. t
Thank you againt

Comment from : Richard Leposa

Miller's Custom Wood Products
Hi Marc, I see you found yourself a scale. Good deal. I bought some used dice from Samstown in tunica. They weigh the same as yours. Headed back to Vegas at christmas. Gonna try to visit the casino supply store out there and pick up some used dice.... I still have about 10 sticks that I have bought but are lighter than casino dice as you pointed out. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Be safe. I’m looking forward to what the new year holds for us. 👍
Comment from : Miller's Custom Wood Products

Great research on the weight of those dice. Look forward to all your new videos. Thank you.
Comment from : wontunow

Lawrence Roth
Thanks for the heads up on Road Gambler. Enjoy his site as well.
Comment from : Lawrence Roth

Michael Wallace
Bone, have you checked out dice from casino 4 you ? Interested what their dice weigh. Merry Christmas.
Comment from : Michael Wallace

Mario Thomas
Keep putting out good content. I pray you and your family have a blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year!
Comment from : Mario Thomas

tt jones
Used dice in Vegas has a side that has been melted with a n or other mark on them but the weight is the same 9.6
Comment from : tt jones

Blackjack Shooter
Great video. I’ve bought dice from casinos with holes in them and with a dot indention. The holes in the dice, I don’t use, but for looks on my table. Now the dice with a dot indention I use a lot. I buy the die for $00.25 each. I always buy a bag full on como. money. I rotate the dice as they wear out. Thanks again.
Comment from : Blackjack Shooter

Wave It's Wolf
Casino supply warehouse in Vegas
Comment from : Wave It's Wolf

There are multiple sizes of dice. Dimensions are different also.
Comment from : MarkH10

Gerren E
Lmao bone zone
Comment from : Gerren E

All phase mobility
The casino I play at just puts a hot branding iron to mark used Dice. I don’t think I changes anything but a visual so they can spot Dice they have pulled out? Thanks again for your instruction.
Comment from : All phase mobility

steven gonsalves
Thanks again for the videos. I built a table just like yours and made it bouncy like your bouncy side. The reason being, here in louisiana all the tables are super bouncy. I did ok a couple times, but now im struggling. The weirdest thing is happening to me. When i practise on my table i kill it, as soon as i put chips out like i would play in the casino i seven out really fast. For the life of me i cant figure it out. Wierdest thing i have ever seen in my life. The only dice set i can throw half way decent is the 5-4 2-3 all seven set. Everything else is so inconsistent. Im very serious about trying to get good, i practise everyday at least 3 hours but i dont seem to be getting anywhere. I know your going to say check my mechanics but i have and im getting very frustrated with only being able to throw one dice set. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks man
Comment from : steven gonsalves

Bennie Benavidez
Merry Christmas Brown thrower
Comment from : Bennie Benavidez

Leonard Shaughnessy
All the best...and great success to you and yours BT. Always think outside the box!
Comment from : Leonard Shaughnessy

onemore shot
BT Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. I have casino dice and will send you a stick for Christmas contact me.
Comment from : onemore shot

Brian Johnson
Thank you, BT have very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with you and yours.
PS thanks in advance for the offset dice throw. Looking forward to it. Brian

Comment from : Brian Johnson

Halibut Rustler
Loved the teaser video. Looking forward to 2019 and the Bonethrower help on dice control. Will you reveal the grail throw only time will tell. Appreciate all your time and effort on the videos. Merry XMas to you and your family. I,m way west in Redondo Beach, Ca.
Comment from : Halibut Rustler

Steve 213
Are you still going to make a road trip? It seems like more and more casinos won’t allow dice setting.
Comment from : Steve 213

Merry Christmas BT. Thanks for all your hard work! Looking forward to the new year's video's. YOU have improved my game and attitude tremendously!
Comment from : Krazyspank

Rubetube Kidz
Very interesting 🤔
Comment from : Rubetube Kidz

Matthew Madden
Please let us know if you find any 9.6g dice I've been looking for the past month and haven't yet found a straight edge 9.6g dice set for sale
Comment from : Matthew Madden

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