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Wanda Pinkard
Thanks it works at 76 years old although my muscle memory isn't what it used to be .It is good to get extra 10 /15 extra s. s. checks a month
Comment from : Wanda Pinkard

raymond cancel
Love your videos!Can't wait to go to Vegas! I will try your method! Thank you, man!
Comment from : raymond cancel

Joe Kendall
BT sickness... first 3 points hit Cadillac. BT you changed your throw by mistake I'm assuming at 2:09 and 2:40
Comment from : Joe Kendall

Idaho Spyder
I thought this was a set for the 4 and 10. Then you hit inside numbers.
Comment from : Idaho Spyder

I have been playing dice about twice a month for years. I watch Bone thrower (you) and color up some times. I listen to you Bone thrower as i practice my hour a day and you guys are my heros and i don't care who else says shit . I listen to you Bone thrower as i practice daily. I have been practicing for about three weeks on dice set using 3v - 2v set, hard way set and come out 7 set. I started to practice and now i can throw into my homemade dice box from about 7.5 feet away and just threw 28 times in roll before 7 out . I am going to the casino in about a week or so . I know it's not always going to be a win win. but i have a better strat against the casino . PLUS its not my first time or rodeo. WISH me LUCK. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE VIDEOS YOU DO every little bit helps to learn and adjust your strategy against the house. Keep the videos coming for new ways to level the ODDS & WIN it works.
Comment from : BELIEVE UNKNOWN

vincent chieng
The result seems to be so random. When you twists the dice and lift it that high the velocity and force will make it randomly appear. Not my perference...
Comment from : vincent chieng

william bona
i just seem to 7 out on an average after 10-12 throws, how can i get further
Comment from : william bona

Michael Sloan
amen. you're a loser if you hate.
Comment from : Michael Sloan

Ray B
Can you set the dice in view of the camera? Great vid........
Comment from : Ray B

Chris Miller
The dealers at Tuscany in Las Vegas turn the dice over 2-3 times after every roll. So to combat that I set the dice. The box man told me I couldn't set the dice. I will never play there again.
Comment from : Chris Miller

Michael Holcombe
That twist is not something imma find of
Comment from : Michael Holcombe

Ip Man
Don’t be a hater… You cracked me up when you said that
Comment from : Ip Man

Hard 8
Love the fact you have 2 setups..... Got a new layout from CASINO 4 YOU and gonna put it on!!! What should i use to underlay the lay out to have a hard end and BOUNCY end??? I have a single piece of flannel now but I see alot more pounce at most casinos and wanna try and replicate it.... Thanks for any info BT
Comment from : Hard 8

Marc, I'm trying to find your video where you threw hard and low straight and landing just before the wall.
Comment from : akaSoulZ

Keep them coming, I am interested in giving this one a try. you are awesome
Comment from : ChumpSauce

So, when do we meet in Vegas?
Comment from : MarkH10

EaSy money 12217
Love the video BT. Do u think this throw will work with an all 7 set
Comment from : EaSy money 12217

James Anderson
C'mon man... where's the Bounce like at the casino???
Comment from : James Anderson

All phase mobility
PS, everybody loves 4s and 10s! I’m looking forward to a video on them.
Comment from : All phase mobility

Gene Chandler
Used the 64/62 stacked this weekend and killed it (3=20+ out of 6). I can't do all your sets and grips but this one was very natural for me to grip and toss. I only do Rt 1 and Rt 2 right handed. Any other place and I'm just like all the random folks. You and CK have greatly improved my game and helped with all aspects of grips, targets, bets, sets, throw. Even the difference in the weight of the dice by color, OMG, nobody says stuff like this, they don't ever bring it up. Some players even passed on the dice so I could get em quicker again. That was cool! I have been very consistent (8-10avg 1=20+ out of 5 if I stay cool) This is great information. Keep it coming.
Comment from : Gene Chandler

Hey BT hope all is well with you was wondering how dice trailing was coming along as far as a update to it being the GRAIL!
Comment from : blazensrh

Little Jimmy
B T good information ,like the short videos,fine the bone zone
Comment from : Little Jimmy

All phase mobility
Several times I’ve tried your controlled random and most of the time it works out pretty well to try to put the three and one on top always and not pay tension to the others it’s something I’m gonna have to try I normally use the controlled random and try not to see a seven anywhere that works for me
Comment from : All phase mobility

robert reed
Comment from : robert reed

jimmy jinkins
people hate u like they hate trump no reason
Comment from : jimmy jinkins

Would you recommend this set for a beginner or is the hardway set still a safer set?
Comment from : Apuesta

Javaron Grows
Comment from : Javaron Grows

Headed to Vegas this weekend. Looking forward to trying the all 7 set.
Comment from : RMS 9

All phase mobility
I haven’t been having the most productive throws in the last month since they added a bouncy table and use it predominantly!
I’ve adjusted by using the short game with minimum unit bets.
I just need more practice on a table like this before I go back to 66 inside.
I’m just used to years of a hard surface.
Love the help, thanks!

Comment from : All phase mobility

How often do you go and play?
Comment from : cactuarnoob100

Herb C
A good video once again
Comment from : Herb C

what happened to the extendo stick
Comment from : SCHMIDT34

HT logistics3434
Good video
Comment from : HT logistics3434

First comment! Keep doing what you do BT!
Comment from : Joe_k601

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