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What? My money ain't no good here?
Comment from : clhound

Best holmes
@the end "" Im like you know what bet bitch (Throws the Remote)** I put down my otha dolla."" that part took me out 😂😂 thanks for this.
Comment from : Best holmes

mariah •
My boy said “ Imma use pens “ 😂
Comment from : mariah •

Robert Binns
Yo said burnt money. 😂😂😂😂💀💀
Comment from : Robert Binns

The Master mind
Celo is the overall better game
Comment from : The Master mind

robert plaza
learn to teach
Comment from : robert plaza

DaReal DreDay251
aight so wen u doin 5 9 wat he cant hit ta lose his money
Comment from : DaReal DreDay251

Nick Joy
Nigga did his "parters" voice for a second 1:30
Comment from : Nick Joy

Hakuna Matata
What the hell is you rambling about..
Comment from : Hakuna Matata

Bro had no cash! I can see why now. He straight kept on losing to himself. He lost his pens, TV remote , And rollies!
Comment from : malloebloodline

Globoy C
I get everything except for the side bets that shit got me confused
Comment from : Globoy C

Mr Lake
Thanks Bruh
Comment from : Mr Lake

Jerry COYS
Here on the cape flats you can get killed playing this game
Comment from : Jerry COYS

Aka Ormyni
I like when he takes his money, and his “friend” puts his dollar in off screen
Comment from : Aka Ormyni

Miyoashi Gay
I'm so confused. I need like an index card with this stuff on it.
Comment from : Miyoashi Gay

You forgot 10-4
Comment from : therealelchato229

Dude I’ll roll with u my dude Hahahaha
Comment from : miggybassfreak

The Wise Skeleton
remote and the swisher paper!!! yo im dead dawg 😂
Comment from : The Wise Skeleton

D Benz
Comment from : D Benz

DMG -Gabe
this is the game of lost friendships
Comment from : DMG -Gabe

My Gmail
So the extra side bets are 6-8...5-9...n 10-4 once a point is established right or wrong?.. What are the other possible things you can bet on while you shakkin 'em?.. O yeah.. Isn't it a bet you can call on the first roll ..7/11 off the gate I think? i forgot what its called
Comment from : My Gmail

Almighty Bam
Comment from : Almighty Bam

This man bettin pens and rello packets 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Chapo615

Slow day at the Holiday Inn? Thanks for the tutorial.
Comment from : WEST SIDE SANCHO

Michael Stanley
Wait if I put in a side bet for a 6 or 8 and I roll a 7 do they take all the money?
Comment from : Michael Stanley

Courtland Stewart
Who else thought he was gonna throw 2 debit cards down? 😂
Comment from : Courtland Stewart

No cash had to jack the holiday inn for pens
Comment from : SydneyChromatic

Harry Ballzac
This tutorial sucked my dude. Next time get some cash. Out here using pens.
Comment from : Harry Ballzac

Kevin Sanchez
“Bet bitch”😂😂
Comment from : Kevin Sanchez

nate lopez
Used to play this in h.s hallways class bathroom outsode ypu name it we dropped em , keep ypur feet and your bag down you can play in class hah
Comment from : nate lopez

Hannes Blöth
i came here after watching the 2004 world series of dice.
Comment from : Hannes Blöth

Henry Griffin
You ass ona D's
Comment from : Henry Griffin

Fancy Colt
0:23 I fucking died 🤣
Comment from : Fancy Colt

00:54 first throw 01:56 2nd throw here.
Question: on 2nd throw you throw 11. do you win right away?

Comment from : CalyMusic

Jacob Immel
When does the person who is not rolling win the side bet money? If the shooter craps out first?
Comment from : Jacob Immel

Manman Stone
For side bets you pick up everything if you roll yo point. E.x I roll a 5 and bet the 5-9 and if I roll a 9 I pick up the side bet. Cause the secondary number is a 9 so that means I pick up the side bet. A 5 I pick up everything. If I roll an 11 during the side bet then I lose that money. You still have to hit yo point for the pot money tho
Comment from : Manman Stone

Ozziie Martinez
Damn I think pens got me all confused then playing dice hahahaha
Comment from : Ozziie Martinez

Renee H
Im not from the hood and i live in a open society but once i caught my older brother playing it with a friend and i was curious how it worked. I will be honest,i am 12 yrs old and im not interested in gambling and that stuff so im not under the influence 😜. But anyway i was just wondering how the game worked so thx!
Comment from : Renee H

Notalkin B
What if I hit a two after I hit a seven
Comment from : Notalkin B

Faze Mcchicken
He takes quite a bit of time to add up those numbers
Comment from : Faze Mcchicken

Dominic Norris
"Bet bitch"
Comment from : Dominic Norris

john Q
He said I got no cash😭
Comment from : john Q

Tee Jaye
Comment from : Tee Jaye

Lil Christ Zongo
U hella funny 😂😂😂bet b**
Comment from : Lil Christ Zongo

Jill Lynx
fkn cheating his own self. lol
Comment from : Jill Lynx

Koz Dawg
You sound like a old young nigga
Comment from : Koz Dawg

Brandon is a hoe and a white cracker
Wait so when does the other person get to roll
Comment from : Brandon is a hoe and a white cracker

Good vid except on the 9-5 bet ... 9 was point, rolled 5, should have only taken 2$ not 3$ since 5 is the side, if hit the point (9) then pick it all up (well 3 and leave 1 for the rebet)
Comment from : Anthonyr301

It's 6-8 5-9 or 10-4, I think bro bro forgot the last one.
Comment from : T J

Comment from : JH

Lil SixFoe BayRoo
Comment from : Lil SixFoe BayRoo

This shit confusing as hell
Comment from : C CAN

Tim Burgess
cee lo seems so much simpler
Comment from : Tim Burgess

So you make a point and roll until you get a 7 or 11?
Comment from : Huixtocihuatl

Jose Diaz
so if he gets a 7 b4 the 5-9 he lose?
Comment from : Jose Diaz

one thing i dont understand, once the shooter rolls a point, how do they lose? because say the roll an 8, and side bet 8/6, they can hit 6/7/8 and win the bet, but no repercussions for hitting any other number as they can roll infinite times, so at what point does the shooter crap out?
Comment from : tropicalpalmtree

Sam Hall
its 6-8 5-9 4-10 for side bets
Comment from : Sam Hall

Bryan_ Hernandez1020
dat vato left u dry😂😂
Comment from : Bryan_ Hernandez1020

fabian albor
damn man he robbed you!
Comment from : fabian albor

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