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Richard A Pico
I've never experienced a change of dice in a casino. not sure when they do it. nor have I heard anyone request a fresh sleeve of dice. never.
Comment from : Richard A Pico

Richard A Pico
yup, way more money. odds limiters of 3-4-5 odds forces a player to place 6 & 8, but put some humph into the place betting! I start at $90 ea, moving up to $300.
Comment from : Richard A Pico

Robert Parrott
How often do u switch up your dice from the ones your using to new ones.
Comment from : Robert Parrott

Steven Godowski
Hey BT, completely agree with the new dice vs rounded off dice. When i typically hit the casino, usually the dice is rounded off by that point. Im struggling to find an adjustment with rounded off dice. Ill still pop off a 10-20 throw but im not as consistent as i normally am and im wondering what adjustments i can make in my throw to compensate for the extra roll. I do practice with rounded off dice as well as brand new dice everyday and I still think i need guidance.
Comment from : Steven Godowski

Fred Matney
Please give us a link to the dice you like.
Comment from : Fred Matney

Lisa Sorrentino
Better to place the bet than doing the passline. Place the six for 60 and pays 70 and one more for another 70 for total of 140.00. I have the ability to take down my 60.00.
Comment from : Lisa Sorrentino

Mr Deese
BT do you request new dice at a casino table?
Comment from : Mr Deese

Mr Deese
BT, Your sharper than a new set of dice.
Comment from : Mr Deese

Yfu Investor
good advice i see this happen often. its a difference in the roll. big facts
Comment from : Yfu Investor

Jo Ess
bone man 10. color up 1 or 2 at best. love you man.......john
Comment from : Jo Ess

7:6 is NOT better than 6:5 payouts
Comment from : yanks250125

Erik Anderson
I just want to say thank u.. u are a master and a great teacher..
I went to the casino yesterday afternoon and the dice were kind to Me at all.. I rolled twice and 7 out twice.. I left a Loser... I watched more of ur videos all the way home and continued to watch for a few hrs... My neighbor asked Me did I want to go back I decided to go. I only had 84 dollars to invest.. I got on dice and stayed on for 3 hrs.. I turned My 84 into 1,100 and the ppl at the table won thousands.. I had 4 ppl tip me a hundred a piece... the roll lasted so long I was tried and ready to go... I used the Controlled Random set.. that set works and I'm a witness.. was glad I did all of that without setting up on a set.. I feel like I would have got in a little trouble if I had did all of that using a certain set.. Like u said it don't matter about what's on the dice, it's more about the throw it's self and can u repeat the same throw... thank u so much.. I will be Watching more and practicing My throw into a cup until I go back... Thanks for all ur info... Thanks a lot...

Comment from : Erik Anderson

Nick Scott
Maybe you already have a video on this but do you use different dice sets for different throw positions on the table? (throwing closer to the stick man vs. being at the end of the table) Thanks for the great Vids!
Comment from : Nick Scott

Kevin Kiyabu
FYI "Craps for beginners" on YouTube is sharing your videos on his page
Comment from : Kevin Kiyabu

Thomas Baird
Thanks for the Tip BT.
Comment from : Thomas Baird

Larry Bayly
Went to the casino over weekend played 2 different tables each had a different color of dice could tell the weight difference
Comment from : Larry Bayly

Mr. Bister
I have really been enjoying your videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
Comment from : Mr. Bister

Ray Cooley
BT, what is the limit you would recommend for me to make from my local casino and how many daily sessions not to get noticed and potentially banned?
Comment from : Ray Cooley

dick carr
I'm confused, first you said Sharp edge dice are good but then you also said that the casino will change the dice during the day also which is to prevent a shooter from having a good role when the dice start to where down. Which is it?
Comment from : dick carr

steven gonsalves
I did think of that, and your right. I switched to new dice and back rolling like i was. Thanks again for your videos!
Comment from : steven gonsalves

Jamband BillyD
The professor of the dice has schooled me, once again.
Comment from : Jamband BillyD

BT, is 100% Correct! I've known this secret for 10 years..Well, at least it has always worked well for me..Pay attention to the switch you should be able to tell the difference.. confidence, consistency, cash out.
Comment from : Brooklyn718

spence greene
Excellent advice, this weekend I went to the casino and threw the best ever. Set the dice to the 6/6 like you did in one of your videos and rolled 12 times the first time and 6 rolls the second time, had a great time, got caught up with all the excitement and high fives just totally forgot about my game plan and gave all my winnings back, lost only $6 dollars...lol a learning experience keep coming with these videos great job
Comment from : spence greene

Roger l
Where do I buy the dice you have?
Comment from : Roger l

Rene Reyna
Right on right on right on. I hit the ATS using sharp edge dice 🎲 told my brother in law this same thing. You’ve got to be alert and select the sharpest dice in the group if you want to win. Thanks BT you just confirmed what I’ve been practicing. Thanks and we believe and learn something new each and every video.
Comment from : Rene Reyna

Dwayne Deed
You just blew my mind! An example of you never know what you don't know...
Comment from : Dwayne Deed

Brandon Laiti
Shot 30 times using the 3v the other day! 51 on top first 2 rolls 7! Turned top to 15 and rolled 28 times and 4 points before crapped out! Made $1000 off $110 at table in my roll!
Comment from : Brandon Laiti

First time heading to the casino this weekend, was happy with what I won. Had a long roll to start, and about 4-7 rolls each time after, but pulling my bets down for the short game made sure I won money. Thanks for help. Issue I keep having though is my toss being inconsistent, my index finger digs into the left die causing it to fly shorter then the right die and 99% of the time it causes a double rotation for a 7 out. Just have to keep practicing.
Comment from : wh0urdady

Dan Bongiorno
Good job clarifying the last video and explaining how the dice change!
Sharpe edge dice, and a very sharp Bone Thrower!
BT, I wish I met you years ago!

Comment from : Dan Bongiorno

Comment from : theonenonlypilot

Miller's Custom Wood Products
Good advice, BT. I also change my dice out regularly. The casino where I play usually changes out the dice shortly after shift change. I prefer to play with new fresh dice, myself. I put a new sleeve on my table after 1000 rolls....keep up the great work. Jim
Comment from : Miller's Custom Wood Products

Prof Doc
BT: Correct as usual.
Comment from : Prof Doc

Shawn Glover
I witnessed this 1st hand last night you are so right
Comment from : Shawn Glover

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