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chris anderson
You should quit saying Tell the dealer you wanna buy a four or ten that’s a separate thing altogether and he will probably laugh at you if you give him a nickel and ask to buy the four or ten
Comment from : chris anderson

Everett 989
what happens to confidence when the roller throws a 7 on the first or second pass?
Comment from : Everett 989

can you rearrange the dice before you throw them?
Comment from : Acolis

Emmanuel Vacakis
You need an even dollar amount on the odds for the 5 and the 9.
Comment from : Emmanuel Vacakis

Diceman 702
BT very nice hard work video like the short game and 3 hits and down .Do you have a hard way short game thank you for detailed video.
Comment from : Diceman 702

Lawrence Scofield
Wonderful video. Thank you!
Comment from : Lawrence Scofield

Lucky you didn’t roll a 7 buddy
Comment from : 5pecialFX

Can you bet a dollar craps to cover Dont Pass Line?
Comment from : 5pecialFX

Jason Dalaba
I’ve watched this video and I’m a noob new to game.my question is after u pull your bets after 4 rolls..and the puck is still on and u have money on pass line r u able to put 12 back up for the 6 and 8. Or can you choose which bets to pull down?
Comment from : Jason Dalaba

Larrys Vision
Absolutely great video! After I take down my first bets, can I just start over again with the strategy? I can play the strategy on other throwers throws if I think they’re good, right?
Comment from : Larrys Vision

Prudencio . Morales
You are the MAN. Thanks 4your videos.
You were right..... pulling your bets back b4 it craps is the key making money. Thanks Bud

Comment from : Prudencio . Morales

BT, i got on casino money tonight.... 1st time ever.... 2 hrs and walked away with my money and $38 of theirs.... thanks for the starting help. 3rd time on the table....1st throw was 15 shots
Comment from : 09DUKE690

Emmanuel Vacakis
Betting any Craps will cost you $11.11 for every $100.00 you wager whether you make it on the come out roll or whether you make it when a point is established. Making the any Craps bet on the come out roll will decrease the variance but will increase the overall house percentage against you so you will lose your money faster but at a more even rate.since the house percentage is extremely high on the any Craps bet, you should never make it anytime.
Comment from : Emmanuel Vacakis

Emmanuel Vacakis
Pas line loses on Craps whether you bet any Craps
Or not. Each individual bet is a separate entity. You will lose exactly what the house percentage is on each bet in the long run. If you can control the dice, you are altering the percentage of the bets that you make. You have to be a good dice mechanic to overcome bets with a house percentage of over 10%. Craps is unlike other casino games in that the outcome is decided by the physical element of throwing the dice. Making Pass line or Don’t Pass line bets taking maximum odds or laying maximum odds has a very small house edge. So you don’t have to be a perfect dice mechanic to swing the odds in your favor. Probably best to bet the Pass line and prevent the 7 from coming so you keep the dice longer.

Comment from : Emmanuel Vacakis

Top man , im in vegas now been losing ,watched this went to the table won 500
Comment from : MrSmithy63

Tyrone Northcutt
Don't be greedy, smart strategy. However, when the table is a few deep and loud, man it is hard to pull them bets down.
Comment from : Tyrone Northcutt

Why not make the same bets when someone else is throwing?
Comment from : cuzz63

Last table I was at the min bet was $15.
Comment from : cuzz63

I wanted to update some results I have from 3 separate casino trips. 3 different casinos. 1st trip I won $100. The second casino, I ended up walking away with $48. The third casino, I lost $50. On the third casino, the table was relentless. The dice were razor sharp and I could almost feel them catching the felt of the table. In all three scenarios I was stick man left, pendulum throw with a hard way set. Is there a recommendation for running into tables where dice seem like they might be catching the felt? Maybe throwing inline instead? Thanks for the videos BT
Comment from : MrSolarSound

This video is golden! Thanks so much Bone Thrower. If a person has a basic knowledge of how to make bets on craps and can do even a little dice control, this really works. I walked into local casino and followed the video guidelines pretty closely. By the fourth session, I was so excited I forgot to pull down my bets and sevened out. I still walked away up $100. I was the only person at the table and I was throwing hardway sets. Never threw a 7 till the end, and I was in and out within 30 minutes. I would recommend also tipping a little for the dealers. They will not be so cranky when pulling down bets.
Comment from : MrSolarSound

I like your attitude sir. Very educational.
Comment from : cmfrizzz

John Timmons
Too damn complicated. I'll just keep my money.
Comment from : John Timmons

rick dees
I just entered hell watching this. I was in heaven when I knew nothing and wasn't confused. Now I know something ( whatever that is) and I'm totally confused. Welcome to hell!
Comment from : rick dees

Andre Seah
i love you bone! But just one thing, its not casino money, its your money after you've won it innit? either ways, I do understand what you mean and send you much luck! Keep killing it out there!
Comment from : Andre Seah

Iyanna Smith
Sounds complicated lol
Comment from : Iyanna Smith

Thanks my man. Stepped up to the craps table at Excalibur an hour after check in last night and played how you showed. Dropped $100 and within 45 minutes im up $100, pocketed my original $100 and still playing on casino money. Right now I’m up $400 as of today. You definitely helped out my game and confidence about playing the game. Thank you.
Comment from : shaolinfiya

Amazing, do you offer classes?
Comment from : gravityTattdrumr11

Monster Roll
Is a session considered every time the point is either hit or you seven out?
Comment from : Monster Roll

Stephen McAllister
never took that craps bet off at the beginning. so annoying.
Comment from : Stephen McAllister

even if you want to pull all bets y stop throwing? keep the odds and stay inside and youll stay on top
Comment from : Shadz

John Torengi
What dice set have you been using during this demonstration?
Comment from : John Torengi

Doris Holdcraft Family
What does the E stand for on the Craps betting?
Comment from : Doris Holdcraft Family

Daniel Bruce
hey bone where at the table do you throw from?at the end of the table or from where youre standing?
Comment from : Daniel Bruce

Daniel Bruce
wasnt anybody listening you pay to throw the dice
Comment from : Daniel Bruce

Daniel Bruce
hi bone,i have always wanted to play but didnt know how.now i will try it to see with i like it.thanks dantheman.ps i really enjoy listening to you.keep it up
Comment from : Daniel Bruce

Robert Arthur
You also forgot to mention the table limit never played a 1 minimum table!!
Comment from : Robert Arthur

J&C Variety OutDoors
Ignore the bad comments BT you have some of the best videos out there that teach. I watch you,road gambler and color up. First time I took $40 left with $150 in 1 hour. The second time I've played I started with $100 cashed out with $300. I used a lil out of all videos. Keep them coming BT. I would like to play in real life with you.
Comment from : J&C Variety OutDoors

Moe Snert
I still never got the hang of this game. When I go to the casino, I just randomly lay down chips and hope to win lol
Comment from : Moe Snert

Robert Parrott
Awesome thanks
Comment from : Robert Parrott

Robert Parrott
Can u just turn your bets off instead or is it better to pull your bets down.
Comment from : Robert Parrott

Mike L
But how much money do you lose while other shooters throw the dice? The $1.00 hard ways while waiting to become the shooter you lose your profits...…..
Comment from : Mike L

Roger l
This is the method I am going to master!!! Out of all videos I have watched this is the method I am going to play after work I pass my local casino every day an all I want to win is $100.00 at least that's $500 a week $2000 a month!! I may not win a 100 every day but I will get practice in throwing dice till I can!! Thank you!!! So quick question what set are you throwing? A 7 set on the come out then a hard way set on second throw? When I walk in I hope I have the table by myself to do this... where I live the table is like this alot around 3 or o'clock.
Comment from : Roger l

James Clary
Your recommending people make Hard Way and other proposition bet. These are the worst bets at the table. Why would you recommend those bets?
Comment from : James Clary

I finally decided to play craps for the first time ever using your system 4 times in a row right after the point was set a 7 was rolled one of them by me. I never fully recovered I lost $55 for the night. I will say this, the strategy worked because after the first 4 losses I was $156 in the hole. I played solid for about three hours so the entertainment value was great. I will continue to play and hopefully, make a profit next time.
Comment from : jnormanton

Harry Nutsac
I thought when you Win, You throw Shit at the Table. Is that in part 2?
Comment from : Harry Nutsac

Christine Howard
Way to confuseing
Comment from : Christine Howard

Steve Oh
New subber. Amazing videos bone. Bingeing
Comment from : Steve Oh

Robert Sosa
What do you think of the mini craps tables Bone Thrower ? Wouldn't it be easier to win. seen at state line and Silver Sevens
Comment from : Robert Sosa

Brian Mueller
Great video. New subscriber. I've played a little on a friends table, but not in a casino yet. I've done pretty well playing conservatively with the iron cross strategy when the point is 5,6,8 and 3 point molle when the point is the others. Think that is effective as well? Thanks
Comment from : Brian Mueller

It's not that craps is hard, there's just a lot of rules. Even poker has a lot of rules. I normally stick to blackjack for card game. Deceptively simple game.
Comment from : teamhex

Sam Sitar
are come/pass bets covering every person at the table?
Comment from : Sam Sitar

Have some one else throw..Your unreal🤔🤓😞
Comment from : UrflyESt

Mike Kutzler
The crickets 😆
Comment from : Mike Kutzler

Ed Berrios
It's obvious you never dealt the game. Your place bets are in the wrong spot except to 10. People should know how to track their bets. In my eleven years dealing craps, I never met a consistent winner, playing with casino money. It's fine that you teach basic betting, but don't mislead people that you have the magic formula for winning.
Comment from : Ed Berrios

Alan  Call
Making money
Comment from : Alan Call

William Staves
I go to Vegas every January and I am able to hit Biloxi a couple times a year, I have always wanted to play Craps but always felt too intimidated because I really did not understand the game. Watching several of your videos has given me understanding and new perspective with the way you have broken Craps down with your betting strategy, dice control and setting strategy. This video was the one that really opened my eyes. Although I may not have your skill I do look forward to giving Craps a shot during my Vegas trip in a couple of weeks. One question, do you ever use your short game strategy when another shooter is on? I noticed in your videos it always seem you only played your strategy when you were the shooter. Thanks again!!!
Comment from : William Staves

go put some gravy on a chicken steak corn pone
Comment from : Knight192

Mick Woods
Wtf cant hear!?
Comment from : Mick Woods

Never played craps before. Still doesn't make sense. This video is probably good for someone with a rudimentary sense of how the game is played but I got lost in the terminology.
Comment from : rockit730

Tanya Sampson
People who play like this kill a crap game and they win their $9 and everybody loses because they disrupted the flow of the game, pissed off the dealers and distracted the shooter. Go play slots
Comment from : Tanya Sampson

Tanya Sampson
I haven't been to any casino who lets you bet $1 hardways or any sidebets without action.
Comment from : Tanya Sampson

The 1st time you walk up to a crap table do just that all over the top of it. Inside it is covered with servos, magnets, pointers and cameras and the dice are weighted on the sides. You are looked at from above and below and if you are not liked in the casino they beat the hell out of you in the back room for complaing about you were cheated. Well if they dont get your money at the table the pickpockets and muggers will get you when you are walking around. Dont go to gamble in Las Vegas as you will learn a lesson like the other 99 1/2 % of other gamblers learn. THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS! You lose!
Comment from : thomas

BTW - Point Seven kills your 'system' and the House will eventually take your money.
Comment from : YASFSPAD

A dollar bet? They'll say "No bet , you must have a table minimum action bet
(of $5 or $10 usually) in order to make a dollar Proposition Bet".

Comment from : YASFSPAD

That was an awful lot of dice throws for not one 7 to come up I find it hard to believe that you can be that lucky all the time.
Comment from : jnormanton

Keith French
I have always found it amusing and I heard it so many times. When the money is in you pocket, it’s now your money, not the Casinos.
Comment from : Keith French

Darren Gilbert
Why dont you bet the same way when the others are throwing? Why just bet $1 on a hard way bet?
Comment from : Darren Gilbert

Casino money is on their side of the table. When they give it to you, it becomes your money.
Comment from : DZL

Where you going when you roll the dice, it takes you like 30 seconds to get to the end of the table hahah
Comment from : natureboywillow

You leave out all those $1 losses while waiting on dice to come back around to you
Comment from : Lowcuetus

Rick Jones
I didn't know how to play craps now I really don't know
Comment from : Rick Jones

Roderick Mascotto
I got lost once u said hard 8......lol....awesome video
Comment from : Roderick Mascotto

lamar chapman
This is what I play but I bet more to win more easy money I played slots but my money be gone fast lol
Comment from : lamar chapman

Early in the video you put $27 across then 5 behind your pass line bet. Point was 9. Shouldn’t the back up bet be an even amount on 9? Being that it pays 3 to 2. Also you were in for $38 not $37. You lost your $1 crap bet.
Comment from : ironhorse67

Jason Roy
Do you replace your craps bet after every throw?
Comment from : Jason Roy

When its complicated its never in your favor....think of Stealerships, cell phones, cable tv, etc
Comment from : Maxima

Craps wasnt scary, boot camp was.....
Comment from : Maxima

Alex Wintermantel
Is there any particular reason to not bet you would here on other people's throws?
Comment from : Alex Wintermantel

Mike G
You paint the picture so well BT
Comment from : Mike G

Dare To Prepare
Your not including the amount of money you are using to show action - so you don't necessarily have the $22 to use for when the dice come around to you again, however, you may win some during that time as well, however, what do you do if you are short when it comes around to you and you can't place the inside numbers and odds? Will you use your money or not make all the bets until you have the money to do so?
Comment from : Dare To Prepare

George Bond
Excellent videos - very insightful of the craps game Mr. Bone Thrower. Whats good bank roll we should start with. Is 10 - 15 rolls good for either spider grip or this grip. I live in Vegas
Comment from : George Bond

Khu NoPie
After seeing how well Rusty Griswold did at craps on his family's Vegas vacation I decided to learn how to play and WIN at craps!
Thanks Bone dude!

Comment from : Khu NoPie

Darren P.
When you take your bets down and the shoot lasts for a long time, 30 minutes or more you'll be sorry. Others will be pressing and making a killing. For pass game, I always keep a table minimum come bet going. If a number is rolled that I have a place bet for, I say "down with odds". Then that number is set for higher payouts if it hits again. I like your video and you teach your strategy well. My play style is different but riskier upfront but can lead to a huge win if luck runs.
Comment from : Darren P.

Joshua Rohm
So.... I am still new to craps. Your videos have been great. Went to the casino last night to give this a try. Bought in at $80. Walked out with $135 after 5 sessions. First time shooting hit the point, better minimum across rolled a 7... Almost walked away and said forget it haha. But I stayed. Next time shooting I didn’t go all across. Bought the inside numbers only and played more conservative. Between shoots I would either bet a dollar on hard 8, which I hit 3 times or all tall, which hit twice. All in all, walked away happy. Thanks for the tips, they are very helpful!
Comment from : Joshua Rohm

Bob McAlister
what set are you using on this one? thanks
Comment from : Bob McAlister

Joshua Rohm
You never threw a 7. Let’s say you threw a 7 in your first or second session. Do you walk away, or do you re-up with another $27 dollars and start over?
Comment from : Joshua Rohm

Couple questions. 1st When you made the point why did you take the bets down? That's free money. Or did u do that to establish another point?
2nd why did you increase the bet when you can bust out? Though I know u have to trust your roll.

Comment from : Fin

Love your video. When I was 24 I entered a casino for the first time. I had tried to study craps and wanted to try my hand. Around the table were a lot of much older men (only), a number of which had a diamond horseshoe ring with big, low quality diamonds (we all know the type) who clearly had played for a long time. While a couple of the men were very nice to me, and very helpful, the first time I threw the dice one of the men just had to be a jerk and laughed and said that I threw like a girl (I should have asked if he expected me to throw like an old, ugly D like him... but then that was a younger me so I didn’t). Although I was not a bit shy back then, it was still an intimidating situation and he should’ve kept his stupid, old mouth shut. What that experience meant was that I avoided a craps table ever since (although if I could take myself back there he would be rather sorry he said something LOL). I hope people will have at least a little flexibility for people who are new at craps instead of degrading or criticizing players who may may mistakes or be less than perfect; silly and unnecessary to run people away from the game. Most women will opt out of games where there are a lot of aggressive men - not because we are scared, not at all, but because we don’t find it much fun to spend our recreational time with a-holes when there are other options. Thanks for helping me brush up for my next turn at this game! 👍🏼
Comment from : mcbeeze

Jesus Avalos
BT!!! I had been playing craps for about 2 years and was not very successful mostly since I was always lurking around lookin for a hot shooter. After watching your videos, and practicing of course, I was able to go on a good run. Highlight of my night was my third session where I hit 3 points, played 32 across hitting three scores and pulling down my bets. Saved a TON of money only betting hard 8 (which hit once!) on everyone else and going 32 across when I was up to shoot. I can’t wait to get out to tables again and improve my performance! THANK YOU BT!!!
Comment from : Jesus Avalos

dilip patel
sound is not good
Comment from : dilip patel

All phase mobility
So far the short game is working very well for me no matter what other people think I don’t have enough time to practice and I don’t get to play that much the short game system is working great thank you very much!
Comment from : All phase mobility

Don't irritate dealers by saying,
"Same bet", and let them pay you, then....
"Take me down".
Dealers will glare at you, and say, "Make up your mind!".
When your third roll hits, as he pays you say, "Take me down". That's all.

Comment from : MarkH10

Forget 'skipping'. It does not happen. Being targeted, as Marc has been offers the house excuses. In Las Vegas I have never, ever heard of anyone skipping, or being skipped. I know many 'suits' and many dealers, and tons of players. I live .4 of a mile from a carps table at a Casino.
In this case, just show 'action' in the 2 shooters before you. Simple. Another thing to do is a 'Switzerland'. Put the table min. on the Pass Line, and the Don't Pass, and $1 for the dealers, on the Pass Line.

Comment from : MarkH10

Robert Hunter
Comment from : Robert Hunter

Ken Lumley
Do you use any sort of loss limit when starting out? How many point,7's do you endure ? Also, looks like max risk is $37 per player. What size bankroll do you use ? Thanks
Comment from : Ken Lumley

So do you bet why the other shooters are shooting? Or we’re just waiting for our turn? Love your vids
Comment from : MisterTwister

Thomas Baird
BT: After you made the point of 6 and brought place bets down and then can you pass the dice to next shooter instead of keep shooting with only a pass line bet? Lets say you rolled a 5 for your point number.Why not place the 6&8 for $12 buy the small tall and all  for $3 for a total of a $20 bet and collect more winnings  while you continue to hit numbers while your still the shooter it might end up being a long roll in the Bone Zone.. You risking $20. while still shooting. Thank you BT for the excellent instruction on the betting strategy.
Comment from : Thomas Baird

Thomas Baird
BT What do you recommend a player do while waiting for the dice to come back. What bets do you recommened to place on other shooters while waiting for the dice, on random and controlled dice shooters? $12 bet on 6 & 8 place bet while waiting ?
Comment from : Thomas Baird

Anne Meredith
he take the dice out of view
Comment from : Anne Meredith

Thomas Baird
Thank You BT. for these videos. I'm relearning the game have not played in years. Your craps instructions is like a refresher course to me. It is helpful to see what dice set you are setting the dice with and your throw style and from what position on the table your shooting from. I'm right handed and its said I should shoot from left stick position. When I go to casino the stick left and right are usually taken and it leaves 3rd from stick or the corners or ends are usually open. So how do you shoot from the far corner and at the ends of the table? What style of throw and what dice set do you recommend for the long shot end of table throw on a 14 foot casino table? Craps or any game one plays needs to learn how to play to win at it. For example Any sport, Base Ball Pitcher needs to control his throw, golfer needs to control the ball,  or bowling etc. one needs to practice and practice to get your game working for you. For the newbies The casinos do not want people to learn how to play to win any of their games. They may show you some basics but that's it. You have to find out for your self. So when your at the casinos and know how to win at the  games you play. Realize the casinos do not like it, so stay low key do not draw attention to your self when your winning the cameras are on everyone all the action. Just win your money go see the cashier and cash in your winning chips and leave. The Casino are who you are playing against, the opposing team, and they usually try to send distractions to those who are winning to distract you to get you off your game and end your roll. Unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of casinos. Because the Casinos want you to lose and get your money.The casino wants you to have fun enjoy your time there play the games of chance , lose your money and go home.. One should be  nice and friendly and polite , tip the dealers while your playing not just when you leave and remember its a game and the casino is the opposing team your playing against  It is a gamble on both sides ours and the casinos. And what I hear the casinos are the big winners over the long term anyway they are still  raking  it in. Goal Play to win.  Avoid Big Red and have Long Rolls. Be in it to win it. Thank You BT
Comment from : Thomas Baird

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