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Disagree, a smart veteran craps player never takes money off the table, press up and let it roll. I remember teaching a friend the game years ago, the 6 kept hitting and we had pressed our 6 up to $1000.00, the table limit at the time (early 90's). The 6 hit again and my friend asked me "can I take that money down ?" and I said sure, but I'm not going to. So, he took his grand and racked it and the shooter proceeded to roll 3 more 6's , the dealer then said to my friend " you don't shoot the horse that wins the race" Your own video proves your strategy is not sound, hopefully your viewers are smart enough to see this. 40 years of playing craps, thousands of crap games and I can't ever remember anyone pressing "down" their bets, wonder why ??? Not a sound strategy, let it roll baby..
Comment from : rogeeeferrari

Press your bets every other hit, straight press too, not one unit. Taking money off the table can cost you big, the 6 & 8 would have been at least $90.00 and hit, and those 4's and 10's pay off big time. I understand the thinking, you're worried about the 7, a confident shooter never takes money off the table.
Comment from : rogeeeferrari

Steven Szabo
$394 PLUS the small which would add another what, $175?
Comment from : Steven Szabo

Jeffery Dial
Thank you
Comment from : Jeffery Dial

John Prano
Your come out throw was the 4
Comment from : John Prano

Tim Payne
Spoken like a true pro! All throws are the same.
Comment from : Tim Payne

Coƒƒee Shop
W this set throwing it at a 45° angle just after the passline w slight back spin you will hit 5s 8s and 6s
Comment from : Coƒƒee Shop

Scott Finlaw
Thank you for explaining the buy bet
Comment from : Scott Finlaw

Preciate all the great info that I'm able too receive from your technical skills. 🤙🎲
Comment from : INDIVIDUAL G

Jonathan Johnson
Last night at WinStar in Oklahoma I used the 4/6 on top and 4/6 in front and used the back spin. 3 out of 5 rules was a success. Got a lot of hard ways out of that set hard six and 8 came on the regular. Great set to use. Started off with 400 and left with 1400. Dealer played me on a horn bet so I took my winnings and stopped there
Comment from : Jonathan Johnson

Christopher Anderson
Back and forth
Comment from : Christopher Anderson

daniel bachar
All I try to do is not hit other chips on the table, what happens with the dice bouncing around after they hit the table is totally uncontrollable.
Comment from : daniel bachar

Randy Arnold Jr
If I don’t have money for a table what do I practice on ?
Comment from : Randy Arnold Jr

Leonard Shaughnessy
When working the come out....i know you lose on (2,3 and 12) however...what happens if you roll 7 or 11 on a working come out? Thanks for all your guidance BT.
Comment from : Leonard Shaughnessy

William Innes
Comment from : William Innes

Jason Carby
Who click to see those tits
Comment from : Jason Carby

Dom Inic
After you hit the point the first time when it was eight. Your next roll, your come out roll, it was a 4. That’s where you won 50 bucks on the $10 four bet. But you never moved the point to four. On your next roll you said it was your come out roll. But u missed it.
Comment from : Dom Inic

Garner Knutson
Question: Are we allowed to work a place bet AND the pass line/odds bet on a point number at the same time? For example: Say the point is a 6; we keep a place bet working (on the 6) and have our pass line/odds bet going... Is that ok?
Comment from : Garner Knutson

Vincente Fox
I really like this!
Comment from : Vincente Fox

Good 4 You
Thank you for all ur help. Why is there so many dies sets and grips why can one just used one,what do you think about using the hard way being the best set to avoid the 7?
Comment from : Good 4 You

I rolled for like 48 minutes the other day
Comment from : George

I love you.
Comment from : George

Marc, in addition to your wins, with the REPEATER BET, available in some Vegas Casinos, you hit the 2 and 6, for $110 from a $10 bet.
Comment from : MarkH10

Jerry Muskal
you know,you lost the pass line bet,twise on the come out
Comment from : Jerry Muskal

dackman btjr
Marc, your simply the best, you and ck rock.
Comment from : dackman btjr

Ray G
if youre a chiefs fan you cant be all bad - peace
Comment from : Ray G

All phase mobility
This is the set for me!
It’s amazing to me that the same set rolled one quarter turn has completely different results?

Comment from : All phase mobility

C.R. Camera
I always set all 7s on the come out roll... first things first..get the 7s out of the way...and dont fight the dice, play the numbers that show up..
Comment from : C.R. Camera

Daniel Laprelle
what state do you play in?
Comment from : Daniel Laprelle

Daniel Laprelle
If you where at the casino, you would need to say your working on the come-out to the dealer. So you should say it in your video, if you don't say it, there not working!
Comment from : Daniel Laprelle

Daniel Laprelle
the true odds for the 5 and 9 is 3-2 so you need a even amount pass-line odds. $20 odds would pay $30
Comment from : Daniel Laprelle

Daniel Laprelle
I agree that the come-out roll is just like any other throw but yesterday i threw five 7's and an 11 on a come-out roll! I have no explanation why, i'm just saying. Another thing; on a hot roll, the 7's always show up on the come-out rolls. Think about it.
Comment from : Daniel Laprelle

Daniel Laprelle
I used to play at a casino in Washington State and there was a guy that would bet $650 across and have it working on the come-out and after the first hit he would reduce the bets and then after the 3rd or 4th roll he would bring them all down. My point is that a lot of 7's seemed to show up on the come-out roll but he was betting on any random shooter. Maybe a controlled shooter can reduce the probability of the 7 on the come-out roll.
Comment from : Daniel Laprelle

Daniel Laprelle
Are you working your place bets on the come-out because you just payed yourself $50 on a come-out 4 roll?
Comment from : Daniel Laprelle

Stephen Brazil
Thank You! Excellent on press up and down
Comment from : Stephen Brazil

Mike Reviews
I see you're a KC sports fan. Do you play at Hollywood?
Comment from : Mike Reviews

Glen  Parris
He needs a friend to operate the stick
Comment from : Glen Parris

Rolando Trevino
You know, on this throw, you did not 7 out. In actuality, 6 was the point, and this was your come out roll. At one point in the beginning, after you hit the 8, your come out was a 4, and you didn't mark it, instead you marked the 5, which was your next roll after establishing the 4. If you check the video, you'll see what i mean...
Comment from : Rolando Trevino

Richard LeMasters
Hi BT love the video and the betting strategy, I'm building a practice rig don't have room for a table YET!!
Comment from : Richard LeMasters

Brian Johnson
I'm guessing you live in or near KC.
Comment from : Brian Johnson

Dale Webster
Are you working all your numbers on the come out roll?
Comment from : Dale Webster

Mr. J
The wife and I went to Mississippi. We made over $4000 together and also got comped meals and rooms. Just putting that out there if you ever feel the need to get away and make some money. I know you had said you couldn't imagine traveling that far to a casino but if you can make money and have a vacation then why not??
Comment from : Mr. J

I love your videos and the hard work you do but you really need to reshoot this video because of the mistakes you made.You paid yourself for bets you did not make and over payed yourself if you had made that bet just to point that out.
Comment from : manbeastx69

Halibut Rustler
Hi Marc:
enjoy your commentary and live videos immensely. Have a simple question regarding dice sets. I like to start all dice sets with the 5/3 & 5/3 hardway set. To go to the all 7 set simply rotate either 5 two turns and you have the all 7 set. This set gives you sevens of 2&5 and 4&3. Your all sevens set of 6/5 & 1/2 gives the gives sevens of 6&1 & 5&2.
With bouncy tables in Vegas is one better than the other. I'm trying to keep it simple with the two sets but want to make sure I'm using the right one. Like your short game as long term is easier on the nerves. Also liked the live video of the fella that liked to lay the last # of the small and tall. To have a automatic winner no matter which way the dice go was enlightening.

Comment from : Halibut Rustler

RichieG Gdog
Marc, tried your system on the betting today. was working great until some moron stuck his arm out while my throw was in the air. 1 dice bounced off him and you got it 7 OUT. I was throwing the #'s before that. Everyone at the table wanted to kill him. Still made a few $$. THANKS for all your help.
Comment from : RichieG Gdog

Awesome video Marc.It looks like you are having FUN again .That's way you roll.love the video.
Comment from : Cool

Randy Teague
That's the dice set I use SL2 and just rolled 5pts with it. With backspin
Comment from : Randy Teague

Bone Thrower, I didn't think about keeping the place bets working! I have been frustrated at times when I set a point then immediately follow up with the point number 2 or 3 times in a set. I could have pressed and made the extra $ but wasted the throws! Since I usually play the all tall/small I am always trying for a number so why not let it work. Your videos are ALWAYS very appreciated!
Comment from : TheCheese

Dee Brizzle
This set is legit . You can definitely shoot a tall for sure.
Comment from : Dee Brizzle

Rolando Trevino
Hi Marc, do you think this would also work with the 3 finger grip with extra spin? Thanks. I'm trying this next time I go to the casino. Great video! I like this betting strategy...
Comment from : Rolando Trevino

Ricardo Harry
U missed ur 2nd point u hit the 8 ur come out was hard 4 which shoulda been ur 2nd point instead of the 5. Just thought u should know idk if anyone else caught it. Great video and will try this throw. Is the set the same as 2V?
Comment from : Ricardo Harry

robert reed
Comment from : robert reed

been a while since I've posted a comment. Few things....1) didn't you use to just take 3 or four hits and then pull everything down?2) why the name change? Kind of already established yourself as fullpress. It's like a buddy of mine I've known for 35+ years. One day decides he's going by his middle name and I have to start calling him that...I'm like hell no lol.3)I been using your 2-3,5-1 as a go to when I'm screwing up with hardway set.if that one don't work too, then I just walk out. Been working out for me when most of the time when my game is off.4) Got some grief at one casino when setting. they have this shoot quick rule there. I couldn't get into my normal position. was at the far end of the table. I thought I would give your yuri grip a try. they of course complained and Pissed me off so I went to your back flip toss since I cant do my normal throw at this position. I turned sideways and really put some arm into it and did the back flip. Hit 4 points during the game. table had been losing I guess before I got there. Pit boss knows who I am. Ask me is this a new trick shot. lol The table is full and there are chips everywhere.  Now on top of rushing my first attempt at shooting now they start to complain the dice are hitting chips. I laughed and said you have chips all over the place.
Comment from : JD

RichieG Gdog
Marc, THANKS that was a great example on betting. Next time I'll try the set from the back and press and pull the same way. THANKS SO MUCH
Comment from : RichieG Gdog

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