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William Gillard
Ok got my first set of 🎲 today and started to drow using the 4-4setand kept getting the hardway 6-6 The 5-5
Comment from : William Gillard

Jason Lavoie
Been having a lot of success with the spider grip/hard way set. Pretty sure it’s a bouncy surface in Vegas. Have tried a lot of the other dice set/grip combos and even thought you use a different set with this grip, I really like the consistency I get as long as I don’t grip the dice too tight! $3k profit last trip 3 hr session (was feeling so good with the throw, no need to press or pull down).
Comment from : Jason Lavoie

raymond cancel
Love the spider grip trow.with 4 crosses 6!
Comment from : raymond cancel

frank duxstad
What do you think of betting the no pass line on random shooters? And when do have make that bet? Can you just walk up to the table and say the point is 10 and bet the no pass line? Thanks for the videos
Comment from : frank duxstad

Health Signal, LLC
Bone thrower, I have used your vids to truly teach me about craps. I have combined your methods using the short game system with the spider grip plus your lag concept from stick right 2 to fit me. I am 65 and have a deteriorating back condition that makes me need an easy on my back roll. It has been incredible! My spider grip has my for finger at 11:00 o’clock. I do what you said and start aggressively by placing $320 across and work the first roll. I also play the all high, all low and all for 3,3,1 and buy odds on 10 and 4. Then I pull down after my 3rd pay number hit and go for what’s left. It’s been incredible! When I throw and see the lag in the air based on my throw it is truly amazing and I always think of you. Also, I use your 53/53 set. If you would like for me to record my throws for you to see, I would love to show you, but from home as I am very shy and would not do from the casino cause I wouldn’t know how to anyway. Also, after my roll I go to a new table and I try to do a total of ten rolls before I stop. I average 7 to 8 winners out of 10 and have a couple times won all 10! and I roll starting very early in the morning. Thank you so much! You are the best!
Comment from : Health Signal, LLC

Rita Sics
B.T., if you love the South like I do, Biloxi and Tunica Mississippi is a great place to play. Just make sure it's not in hurricane season.
Comment from : Rita Sics

Joey Martin
Thanks Bone Thrower, and another great & helpful video! Question for you, which Casino’s in KC would you say have a “hard” table and on those tables is it best to throw from stick L1 or R1 because the dice travel less? Thanks again.... 👍🏻🎯
Comment from : Joey Martin

Live! From Vegas!! Bone Thrower!!!
Keep up the good work, Marc.

Comment from : MarkH10

dackman btjr
Yup, its only dice control but I like it, like it, yes I do. Peggeg the out side numbers with this little beauty, be consistent with it and dont be afraid to "full press" for a few times, then regress. Thanks BT
Comment from : dackman btjr

Steve Oh
Just put down $40, walked out $255. Nice little hour session. 4/5 6/4 dice set, first time.
Comment from : Steve Oh

ken hourihan
You are great learned so much from you video
Comment from : ken hourihan

Alan  Call
You are crushing those bones love the videos great insight must-try
Comment from : Alan Call

onemore shot
We need a BT Blog or some way for you to spend a little more time with us answering questions. Every night when I say my prayers I ask God to help me regress my bets.
Comment from : onemore shot

Jeff Fresnoza
Bone thrower you are Awesome! I need to ask you the expert. If I bet $300 on DONT PASS on the Comeout Roll and 10 comes up and now is the Point. Can I BUY the 10 for $300? So if 10 comes up I win $600 OR if the shooter 7's out I break even and get my money back. WIN WIN SITUATION. The best situation is winning $600 and the worse situation is getting my money back. Why doesn't anyone bet like this? You don't LOSE. You either WIN or Get your money back to try it again. Give me your input on this situation and if you like it make a video on this.
Comment from : Jeff Fresnoza

Paul Astry
Keep up the good work! Question can u bet the don't pass and the number established so u can't lose once a point is established?
Comment from : Paul Astry

Avid Follower
BT, really appreciate all your videos and guidance! When I shoot on the come out roll, I routinely am able to shoot several 7's, 2's and 3's, and sometimes 12's. What I have normally done to insure my Pass Line bet is to place a "craps" bet as you have suggested. I am headed to Vegas in two weeks and will be playing on a $10 table, I am planning to have $10 on the Pass Line for my come out roll, but instead of also making a "craps" bet to insure my Pass Line bet, I am planning to place $10 in the Field, but ONLY during my own come out rolls, until I establish a point....your thoughts? Thank you in advance!
Comment from : Avid Follower

L.S.T Ice Cold Bars
I been watching for along time since u first started with the over hand flip throw its amazing how many people u have watching now I always believed in your game ! I was login in as Tracy Mullins but my real name is Marquis keep up the good work and when do come to Tupelo ms, to our casino close by I would love to be their !!!
Comment from : L.S.T Ice Cold Bars

campanella white jr
What’s going on bonethrower just want to say thanks for all the info you give to us and you break everything down so well.i wanna ask a question,what’s the best dice set to hit the horn bet because I really go heavy on the aces and the 12
Comment from : campanella white jr

Watched max riders video. Is he asking for the dice to be set with 3’s up from the stockman, is he that fast setting dice or is he really just a random shooter?
Comment from : FREEZE42

peter rabbit
Comment from : peter rabbit

Thomas Baird
BJ When I play Craps its not about winning alot of money or breaking the tables bank, it is more to enjoying the game and have a good time and  for me to shoot to avoid the 7 after the come out roll after point is established when I'm the shooter and for me to have a good session and of course win some money in the process. Place Bets are my favorite also. As in any game one needs to know how to play to have a chance on winning and leaving the casino with more money than they walked in with. Winning is fun, the amount of money differs per player.  Try not to be greedy, it will set off a red flag. Every throw of the dice is a gamble, do not bet more than you can afford to loose.. The 7 can show up on any throw of the dice just as much/slightly more than the 6 or 8. Have fun, enjoy your gaming, of course  play to win. I prefer evenings. :)
Comment from : Thomas Baird

Comment from : TheMysticMonkey09

Lame grip name. Should be called the black widow.lol
Comment from : travisthegolfer

John Lewis
Hey bone I’m left handed and I think I finally figured out why throwing from the opposite side doesn’t work same as you if I use 6/4 5/4 I have the 6 outside and you have the 1 outside so I need to throw 6/3 4/2 will try that this evening
Comment from : John Lewis

Rolando Trevino
What's up Marc, good shooting man! I took a break from the casino for about 3 months. Went back this past Saturday, and I shot 2 times from SR/2, and couldn't do anything. Lost close to 600 dollars in less than an hour. Switched tables, and shot from the back with your infamous all 10/4 set, and hit the ALL TALL SMALL for 5 dollars across. Got my money back and than some (won about 800). Went back to the table I started at, and shot from SL/2 with the same all 10/4 set, and hit the ALL TALL SMALL again!!! Won about 2600, and left. Went back on Sunday, got some free food, came down to a table about to open, and I was the first shooter. Well, I know it's hard to believe, but guess what? I hit the ALL TALL SMALL again with a 4 point fire( the all 10/4 set again). Anyway, my point is, I'm sticking to the all 10/4 set that I learned from you. Thanks man!!...By the way, they know me in this casino, so the floor is always pacing when I'm about to shoot. LOL...
Comment from : Rolando Trevino

David De Los Santos
Hey BT keep doing what you’re doing haters will hate and teachers will teach . And you sir are an incredible teacher. Happy holidays to you and yours.
Comment from : David De Los Santos

Donnie Beck
Thanks for your time and education BT. I have a question about working your place bets on the come out. Will you lose the place bets on 2,3,and 12 or just on the 7?
Comment from : Donnie Beck

javi o
Don’t sweat the haters Bone Thrower! Your stuff works. Two trips to Vegas both times walked away with money I didn’t have when I arrived...keep throwing...!
Comment from : javi o

Road Gambler
Hey there, BoneThrower. Thanks for the shout out and the kind words. I'll be shouting right back soon.
Comment from : Road Gambler

This was another good one, thanks.
Comment from : ChumpSauce

Yes Marc, Max’s new craps video footage from the Wynn is amazing!
Comment from : Astrosjer

Comment from : SLEDGE NAIL-IT

Il will try this throw nxt time thank
Comment from : olay999

Robert Scott
Seeing that bandaid gave me a thought. What if you covered your throwing finger to avoid sticking to the dice?
Comment from : Robert Scott

dackman btjr
Appreciate you brother, I will try this next time a play on a hard table, thanks for sharing sir.
Comment from : dackman btjr

Yes people who don't know how to totally play craps have ruined throwing sessions.
Comment from : travisthegolfer

I use this grip but i call it the pitchfork.lol
I haven't tryed it inline. Will try it next trip to casino.

Comment from : travisthegolfer

Yfu Investor
that shoutout was dope to max. and in that video that max did showed when the guy threw over 20 times and used similar sets u talked about. i knew that u were the true
Comment from : Yfu Investor

Ray B
If I am going to only use 3 or four sets, which ones would you pick as the top 4?
Comment from : Ray B

Rambo 64
I found Max Rider but I couldn't find Road Gambler on you tube.
Comment from : Rambo 64

Kekoa Okalani
BT, thanks for bringing back this throw, I totally forgot about it from your old videos and I'm loving this grip.
Comment from : Kekoa Okalani

Certified Dice King
I can’t get into his site. Road gambler.com?
Comment from : Certified Dice King

Dolph Bowie
Hopefully you receive my message Bone thrower....My name is Dolph and I moved to Vegas in 2016....I came from California and always played craps growing up. My first experience on a big win was 3 months after I moved here.( 6 point fire bet) After that they started recognizing me as a hot shooter....I was just randomly shaking and throwing...So even before I discovered you I was doing my research on how to really win.....I love the advice you put out....I try to ask other shooters to move the chips from my landing zone....some listen some dont.....and the roll end up short...so I go more often to an empty table...so all I have Is the layout. I figured out what times they put in brand new dice....and I only go to the casinos when they habw a dice change....That really works...I always take a small paper on the dice set i want to throw....Im a focus type of shooter...I aspire to be a throw control shooter...with the same rythem over and over....these people have no clue...just throwing the dice all randon....and i think the casino have a seven out sensor...all the pit bosses made the same motion..holding the table a certain way..right where they put there hands while sitting...and every time well i called it most the time...and it'll seven out....I always cut off my bets...I might be suspicious but Im very very observant.....I need a table so I can really practice my throw control thanks for reading Bone thrower....hope to be at a table with you one day..
Comment from : Dolph Bowie

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