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Could you revisit this from stick right or straight out?
Comment from : djbthunder

James Will
Great video, go 44,66 inside and just press your odds if its an inside number score hits to max profits?
Comment from : James Will

Joe Pegasus
Thank you, Bone, so very much. I am usually a SOR 13 but fell into a slump recently and it's been driving me to distraction. Been reviewing everything, the grip, toss, zone, this site, that site, videos till going crazy. Then reviewed this vid again and noticed my in-line throw had gone a bit too high - like a lob. Ran out to the table and BINGO! first session did 23 throws..and would had been better but that damn lob killed it. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Comment from : Joe Pegasus

I get the principal of the landing zone to have the dice roll ez into back rail.. Question:
What do you do to adjust when other players have chips lined up and odd bets stacked too? Thx Bone!!

Comment from : kimogomez

Vebee Usrilal
I used this dice settings last week end at the casino, for 4 times, i couldn’t go more than 4 throws before rolling 7. I was at SR1 and SR2, i was throwing diagonally and land ing dice at least 6-8” before pass line and let the dice roll to the wall.
Comment from : Vebee Usrilal

Brian Johnson
You hit your tall all small wow
Comment from : Brian Johnson

S Medo
I am a beginner at craps your videos have been a great help I tried your 65/56yesterday for the first time since I watched it and shot it well enough to more than double my buy in shot it from stick rt 2 with a different grip can’t wait to try it with blue or purple. Dice Speaking of dice you mentioned that different colored dice weigh different from each other a minor difference . You haven’t said anything about the hardness (durometer) of the different colored dice . Just saying the hardness of bowling balls is a major part of that game. A soft die might react differently from a hardened one. Just might be the reason for not being able to shoot at certain casinos or tables. Thanks for your videos.
Comment from : S Medo

Bryan Reichner
I rolled this set with a forward spin and rolled 20+ times. Thanks Bone thrower. Love your videos man
Comment from : Bryan Reichner

Cuan Edwards
Really studying this throw lovin it alot,is there a slight twist or just strictly inline?
Comment from : Cuan Edwards

Even if you set your shot up-u will early crap out. We all take shit early no matter what you do. But I do remember this DC shooter. But I didn’t notice he was a dc dude. All I know is I waited for that guy to get the dice because he was hitting number. This stuff is real. I will learn. I would have been pressed up ok this guy roll. There is no way he avoided 7 in like 20throws and I’m not done watching
Comment from : GeminEye

John Hong
Love this video... I was banned from gold coast for short toss for just like this cause I won big
Comment from : John Hong

Leonard Shaughnessy
Passion-dedication-commitment-determination-willingness-concentration-want-willingness! You've got those ideals to succeed BT!
Comment from : Leonard Shaughnessy

Bob McAlister
last throw was a winner too
Comment from : Bob McAlister

Jason Lavoie
What dice set did you use for this?
Comment from : Jason Lavoie

Mr Deese
Great video, very inspiring and easy to understand. Keep up the great video sharing, you have a new fan for life.
Comment from : Mr Deese

Ronald Prince
Great Job, you be smokin as in Hot
Comment from : Ronald Prince

Tim Price
Thanks for the video. Been a losing craps player forever, watching these videos help me look at the game differently. Rolled this way Friday 1st out rolled 8 times 2nd round rolled 44 times. Ty!
Comment from : Tim Price

Tim Price
Love your videos, thanks for sharing. I have a couple of questions. 1 is this microfiber under your finished layout? 2 where would I find that? Thanks for any help, STL area here
Comment from : Tim Price

Ivan Riley
What sets do you use sir
Comment from : Ivan Riley

Richard Woodfolk
show me ......
Comment from : Richard Woodfolk

Jordi Cairo
I have a question for you. How do you control the landing zone when there are players chips there with the Pass line and odds bets. Seems easy when there are no chips there but i'm wondering how effective it would be when the table has other players and their chips on the table. As always, I love your videos and suggestions, keep them coming. Thank you!
Comment from : Jordi Cairo

Garner Knutson
When you walk up to a craps table is it safe to assume you don't bet a dime until you're the shooter?
Comment from : Garner Knutson

Firstname Lastname
Not trying to be negative however, at the 10:47 tru 11:10 mark you rolled a 7 and called it 9. No?
Comment from : Firstname Lastname

Thomas Baird
Thank You BT I'm a new at watching your How to win more often crap video's with dice sets and  control and ones dice throw and so I started from the start  at The Start Part 1.in Sept 2018 like reading a book start from the beginning and go chapter to chapter.. and it is very interesting on what you are showing us. And you are motivating & positive saying we can do it too with a lot of practice. Seems  like one needs to be low key and not attract heat from the casinos when one does go play at a casino.  .
Comment from : Thomas Baird

BT, could you do video of this style of toss with your stack attack grip while using the same set or all seven??? I have veen using that style with good success.
Comment from : djbthunder

B- Dill
Comment from : B- Dill

Jorge Carrillo
I think I found my holy grail. I won 800 last nite with this throw. Everything you’re saying in this video is true.
Comment from : Jorge Carrillo

Jemz Veit
Can you do an in depth tutorial for the different dice sets for which types of tables?
Comment from : Jemz Veit

Chad Dalrymple
Thanks for the videos. The best ive seen.
Comment from : Chad Dalrymple

I rolled 6 Elevens is in a row once. It was in a Louisiana riverboat casino there was six or seven black gentleman at the table with me that day it was a chorus of angels ..I really appreciate their participation as that unfolded.. I didn't understand craps.. I didn't bet right ..I think I walked away with two or three hundred dollars.. some of those guys won thousands and thousands.. another time in Vegas I rolled for 45 minutes.. people were betting tens of thousands toward the end of it and nobody gave me a dime I walked away with like six hundred.. I honestly have no idea how I did that.. thanks to you I'm not ever going to not know what's going on in the craps table.. thank you so much mr. ..Whoever-you-are. Thanks for bothering to make the videos and share. My dad was a semi professional Gambler he just gave me confidence he tried to explain it to me but I didn't pick it all up I've done amazing things at poker and roulette 2 with a substandard education because you know just can't remember everything your dad ever told you.
Comment from : George

Brian Johnson
I saw a guy in Vegas once that threw very similar to this but he barely hit the wall. got yelled at several times but that is how he rolled.
Comment from : Brian Johnson

Tremon Robinson
I love this method
Comment from : Tremon Robinson

Avon Lee
hey bone thrower I love the videos I wanted to know if you had a email I would like to email you if that's ok
Comment from : Avon Lee

William Luckey
thats great but what do you do with chips being bet at the receiving end?? can't land that far out can you?

Comment from : William Luckey

Brandon McNamara
39 throws avoiding the 7 IS a special throw.  Wow.  Good work.  Subscribed.
Comment from : Brandon McNamara

Ty.💜 I haven't gambled in years but I'm going to go to the casino ..I might as well have an edge.. thank you for the videos... I rolled 6 Elevens in a row about 15 years ago in Louisiana.. you should have seen the people at the table going crazy..
Comment from : George

Michael Thur
Thank you for coming back...i am following your one video with in the hook and betting every time..you made it easy to learn and wow I am making 300 and up each time..best roll was 39 tossing all 7's...great job and
Comment from : Michael Thur

Thank you
Comment from : JAMES HARRISON

Blue Apple
You are the man! Do you live near Colorado?
Comment from : Blue Apple

I'm going to use this today.
Comment from : ChumpSauce

Richard Leposa
It’s just so great to watch your slow moition , what you can do with your dice throw!!!
Comment from : Richard Leposa

Shawn Patron
whats the set you throwing out of i cant see it
Comment from : Shawn Patron

Marc, thanks Im in Vegas on vacation and I just hit all 6 on the firebet using this toss and set. I know you are on to the Yuri grip but this toss is the best in my opinion. Thanks again
Comment from : djbthunder

Craps Journey
Nice work Marc, table is looking good. I had Big Jeff Seiver send me some craps gear, table layout and diamond backs. You can't get them in Australia. Will be building my table very soon. Aaron
Comment from : Craps Journey

mantayroundtree roundtree
Do they still have fire bets at the casinos in Vegas
Comment from : mantayroundtree roundtree

Richard Maxey
Holy awesome throw man! Makes sense no matter what to try to not hit the gator back. You suggest using that method on a hard table? Or just slightly bouncy to bouncy tables? Thanks for the awesome video
Comment from : Richard Maxey

Scott Gill
great roll.... true you didn't 7 out,, could have kept on going... i have a goal.. and that's to try to get half as good as you.. you truly are the dice master... i listen to every thing you say and try to process it 100 %.. working on my practice table too ... thank you so much for doing these videos.. i have loved the game for a long time... and now i have a better understanding of the game.. with a better chance to win.. that is so awesome....
Comment from : Scott Gill

Just threw 6,5-5,6 at home 40 times. WOW I need that to work at casino now. aka natedoglara
Comment from : ChumpSauce

Mr Grip
Wow !!!
Comment from : Mr Grip

Emmey the God
What set he using
Comment from : Emmey the God

I've been practicing and hit Vegas tomorrow. I'll post my play and hope to show real action paying off at the casino :)
Comment from : chilly90

john athens
great energy iam not the only one practicing now when you say flip i do beleave you mean roll off axis 65 56 set iagree with hitting low but you dont have controll of eneything when you are rolling them dice almost slidding them whice is not allowd also 65 56 should produce 5- 6 11 1-2 3 crapes h 3-3- 6 h 5-5- 10 h 4-4 -8 6-6 12 i practice shot dice myself 14 pluse hours a week myself stay a person needs to shote ther # one out 25 times 1 out 15 specttakeler thon 30 to one # suker bet thats the money thanks
Comment from : john athens

Abkar Arabaghian
Excellent video Marc. I learn something new every time.
Comment from : Abkar Arabaghian

Gary Bombei
Great Video
Comment from : Gary Bombei

ChaosGaming _
what's the dice set?
Comment from : ChaosGaming _

thomas parsell
of you have that long of a throw they won't let you throw like that. I have seen that get stopped a lot. 45 degree angle coming in bounce into the gator and drop is what u want. They will let you throw forever. Still very consistent throw 👍🏼
Comment from : thomas parsell

All phase mobility
When you do this 65 E. deuce in line toss are you putting back spin on it or just throwing them low trying to avoid the bumps
Comment from : All phase mobility

SynDad Blessed
+FullPress - Amazing Video Master FP! I have never seen ANYONE influence a number (or two 3,4) with a Dice Set 65,56 like on this video here!!!!
Comment from : SynDad Blessed

SynDad Blessed
Amazing Video Master @FullPress! I have never seen ANYONE influence a Dice Set (65,56) like on this video here!!!! Avoid the Alligator!!!! lol
Comment from : SynDad Blessed

Recommendations on how to preserve or modify the low shallow throw at a table where someone one the other end is putting out COME bets that may interfere with that toss? thanks again for posting this and my April trip to Vegas can't come soon enough!!
Comment from : ddyoder

Great Video Marc.Awsome
Comment from : Cool

juan esquivel
Great video live game just in time for my Vegas trip next weekend I will use this dice set and throw cause it works! Thank you Sr.PS I will be betting the features bet cause you hit all the numbers..
Comment from : juan esquivel

You make it look easy Marc, and I know it's not. That's a hell of a throw, and as Josh noticed, you didn't really 7 out. :^) So impressive. Keep the videos coming! I learn something new every time.
Comment from : Gambler

Hunter O
That was Awesome!!!!! Thank you for the great tips.
Comment from : Hunter O

Lawrence Soliven
Man this series would of paid out a nice SMALL, TALL ALL bonus 34 to 1 (x2) + 174 to 1 ALL. NICE!
Comment from : Lawrence Soliven

Certified Dice King
I made this 4 happen lol
Comment from : Certified Dice King

Blunt Trauma
awesome, I was wondering if you ever noticed that hitting different sides of the back wall brings up different numbers, I noticed on some sets I can bring up more ones if I'm closers to the corner and similar patterns like that?
Comment from : Blunt Trauma

Hey Marc, Outstanding videos and information.  I have seen almost all of you craps informational videos.  I built a practice
table based on your set up.  Well, really close to it, not a good as yours.  I have only been into craps about 6 months, now that I have the free time.  From your instructions, I have actually thrown in the 40’s a couple of times. But, that don’t last for long. 
The next day, I am getting a point set and 7 out in a roll or two.  Bummer. But I would not be getting any better without your unselfish sharing of your valuable knowledge.   I am giving credit to your Marc, the MAN with love and passion for a skill where he spent all the hard work and long hours to learn a skill and be an inspiration to everyone.  Please realize you have a gift next to none, except for a very limited few.  Thanks for sharing with us all.  Keep up the good work.  You have helped me beyond
anything I ever expected.   And I will keep watching.  Excellent work Marc!PS - Let me know where I can find that style of craps table top cloth you now have. Looks great.

Comment from : SLEDGE NAIL-IT

that 7 was a come out roll. u would still have the dice
Comment from : djbthunder

Ryan Schrader
Unbelievable. I truly am impressed as always. Is that your bouncy end or hard end of your table?
Comment from : Ryan Schrader

Great info. What kind of fabric is that?
Comment from : djbthunder

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